2015 Spring/Summer


I will….

1.  Bike Ride in Moab! – Done! (& Sedona too!)


2.  Sail on the outside of Vancouver Island. – Tofino to Victoria with my Dad & Stepmom!IMG_3580

3.  Girls trip to Penticton.- Done!!  Loved the wineries!


4.  Finish top 10 at BCBR! – not quite top 10, but had a blast finishing with this gem!  Best week on a bike!IMG_3793


5.  Backpack across the entire Stein Valley with an inspirational group of friends.

6.  Bikeride the Chilcotins. – what a beautiful area!!!  I will be back!IMG_4192


7.  Ride to Whistler on the Sea to Sky trail. – DONE!  I recommend this trail!IMG_3830

8.  Girls riding trip to Cumberland – Done!IMG_2903

9.  Mountain bike road trip to BC Interior – ride in Nelson, Fernie,…..

10.  Run the Howe Sound Crest Trail. – 7 hours later, done!  One of the most beautiful hikes on the Sea to Sky.IMG_3777

11.  Sail in Lost Lake, Whistler.

12.  Sail from Victoria to San Francisco. – 5 days and 4 nights without seeing much land at all – what an adventure!  Thanks Dad & Rebecca for having me along!IMG_4294


13.  Complete the epic road riding day – Vancouver Island, SSC, home.

14.  Ride from Whistler to Joffrey Lakes and back.

15.  Bike Tour somewhere in BC for 3 days! – not done yet, but thanks for the amazing setup Jeff!IMG_3994

16.  Summit Sky Pilot – one of the scariest hikes I’ve done – epic!  Thanks Jeff :)IMG_4437


17.  Summit Tricouni (again!) – not Tricouni due to road closures, but Locmotive Peak (off the Hurley) was insanely beautiful!IMG_4417


18.  Hike up to Echo Lake.

19. Run to Mamquam Lake – Done!  45km later and an extra summit of Opal Cone – stunning!IMG_3948


20.  Hike up to Lake Lovely Water.

21. Ride Comfortably Numb in Whistler – DONE!  This is definitely one of the most challenging, long but addicting trails!IMG_3980

The list just keeps on growing!!



  1. Hi Jenn! So glad your blog is back! I missed your inspiration~ Would love to meet up with you in Moab (we live in Durango, CO) nearby… email me your travel plans and let’s see what we can do – you guys are welcome in Durango too!! Cheers, Jenny :)

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