Bucket List

  1. Write a book and have it published in 2020
  2. Play 3 songs on guitar at an open mic – Summer 2011 (CLOSE! February 2011, one song at my Nursing graduation! – ‘I Hope You Dance, Leanne Womack)
  3. Hike the North Coast TrailDONE! – August 22-27, 2011
  4. Love my job as a nurse at VGH – DONE, and still loving it! August, 2011.
  5. Go on a meditation & yoga retreatDone! October, 2014 with Carolyn Anne Budgell on Galiano Island – Amazing!IMG_7793yogaIMG_7813
  6. Complete my yoga teacher training
  7. I have built and slept in an igloo – March 2012DONE!  Mt. Brooks.IMG_6259
  8. Work for 2 weeks in Northern BC – Fort Ware, BC – what an experience.  January 2015. fortware3
  9. fortware2I am  sponsored by VCH and accepted into the BCIT Emergency Nursing Specialty Course – January 2013DONE! May 2012!
  10. Hike the Chilkoot trail in Alaska
  11. Graduate from Nursing School! DONE! December 2010!
  12. Travel to Australia a la solo for 6 weeks – surfing, playing guitar and practicing yoga as much as my heart desires :) DONE! Dec-Jan’11!
  13. Create my website – http://www.smilewithyourheart.com! DONE!! November 6, 2010!
  14. Ride my bike across Canada
  15. Bike tour from Squamish to Santiago, Chile.
  16. Take a photography course
  17. Surf in Bali
  18. Bike ride in Italy
  19. Inspire 1000 people to watch our Sock Lady video! – March 2011!! DONE!!! (August 2011): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luBwCIjMUnY
  20. Hand out 250 pair of socks to the homelessDONE! March 2011 And we keep on giving!
  21. Travel up the East Coast of Australia in a camper vanDONE – close enough in a mini car on the West Coast of Aus!!!
  22. Complete my Advanced Landmark Forum
  23. Love my job as an Emergency Nurse in North Vancouver – January 2013DONE!
  24. Master a handstand!
  25. My favourite yoga pose is pincha mayurasana
  26. I am leading 4 lifestyle coaching sessions a week
  27. Teach yoga at an inspiring studio in Squamish
  28. Ride on a moped in Vietnam
  29. Sail from Victoria to San FranciscoSeptember 2015 – DONE!IMG_4294
  30. Scuba Dive God’s Pocket on Vancouver Island!
  31. Go on a one-week cruise in the Caribbean with my family
  32. Take my mom and sister on a vacation in Hawaii – my treat :)
  33. Hike a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail
  34. Paint a canvas for our living room
  35. Drive from Squamish to Alaska and camp along the way
  36. Summit Mt. Baker
  37. Summit Mt. Currie – Half way there! Sept’14mtcurrie
  38. Summit Sky PilotScary as hell but I did it thanks to this crew!  September 2015.IMG_4437
  39. Complete my Advanced Wilderness FirstAid in Squamish – February 2012DONE!  With Slipstream Wilderness First Aid – March 2013IMG_6064
  40. Experience an Indian wedding! DONE! April 2011!!
  41. Eat poutine in Montreal! – 2013DONE! May 2012 coming home from Haiti.IMG_6550
  42. Lead a camp fire sing-along
  43. Run the Rome Marathon when I’m 40 – 2022
  44. Hike the Stein Valley – Part of it!  Next year, we do the whole thing!  August, 2014IMG_7458
  45. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!
  46. Hammer up Cypress Mountain!DONE!  Thanks STEPHER!  September 5, 2011
  47. Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru
  48. Lead a Vision Board making night at Lululemon! DONE!! December 9, 2010!
  49. Volunteer as a nurse at BC Bike RaceDONE! July 2011!
  50. Take a salsa lesson in Rio, Brazil – 2014
  51. Kayak the Queen Charlotte Islands
  52. Become a member of Squamish Search and Rescue
  53. Complete BC Bike Race!DONE!  Best week on a bike!  July 2015IMG_3793
  54. Take an Indian cooking class
  55. Volunteer in Haiti with a medical relief team – November 2013DONE! May 2012.IMG_6377
  56. Canoe the Bowren Lakes
  57. Kayak the Deer Group IslandsDONE! August 2014deergroup
  58. Help lead a goal-setting, yoga, healthy eating retreat in Whistler
  59. Take my dad on an overnight camping trip
  60. Inspiration Nation!  Inspiring highschool students in a goal setting and vision board making session!DONE! March 2011!
  61. Our garage is full of adventure equipment.  We’ve added 2 SUPS to our adventure collection!
  62. Drive across Canada in a VW van with 3 of my closest girlfriends
  63. Run the Nootka Island Trail
  64. Run the Sunshine Coast Trail
  65. Run the Juan de Fuca Trail
  66. Rockclimb in New Zealand
  67. Hike Mount Robson
  68. Summit Alpha Mountain
  69. Bike tour from San Francisco to Squamish
  70. My husband and I own a beautiful 4 bedroom home in Squamish in the trees, beside a river overlooking the mountains – 2019
  71. Own a grand piano & lead my family in Christmas Carols :)
  72. Have my picture taken in the salt flats of Bolivia
  73. Hike the Camino de Santiago.
  74. Create my dream career!  Get paid to write & travel, nurse in the Sea to Sky & remotely, and counsel clients as a Lifestyle Coach.




  1. Jenn-

    I am sooooo honoured to be on your buket list!
    Let’s make it all happen!!!

    And your new website…AWESOME!!!!


  2. I thought you were crying because there were no sausages at the wedding…love you!

  3. Love your website Jen!! I have already told my husband we are going on a date, without the girls, Snowshoeing!!!!! So inspiring!! meghan xoxoxo

  4. JT I love you!! Your site is inspirational!! I just have to remind of 1 more thing to add to your bucket list….play in an over 30’s soccer team together!! Woo Hoo!!!

  5. Jenn,

    I have my own bucket list and one of my items is to make my way onto YOUR bucket list! You have been an amazing inspiration to this stay-at-home-mom. Instead of living life vicariously through my friends, I plan to life my life to the fullest WITH them (and my husband and 3 kids too). Here’s to you, your dreams, and sharing them with others. 2011 is already an AMAZING year! See you soon…hugs, Denise.

  6. Holy cacnoli, Jenn. I followed the link from lululemon’s blog to check out your bucket list and am literally sitting on the edge of my seat as I type this. By the time I got to the end of your list, I almost jumped out of my chair (fueled by 100% organic inspiration)! I can’t wait to read more on your site! Thanks so much for the positive energy! Namaste, friend!

  7. For the record, I do know how to spell cannoli. How embarrassing.

  8. I enjoyed reading your bucket list. It inspired me to write down my own! Setting goals gives inspiration.

  9. I am really inpired by your bucket list… I recently started on mine as well as my goals and I am really seeing whats really important to me… I was just wondering how you become an insiprational speaker/ help teenagers with goal setting kinda stuff cause I am really into helping teens have happier lives….

    • Hi Jamie!!! Thanks for reading!!! I started with the goal setting sessions with a presentation to my nursing class, then with some friends. It kind of led from there once I posted it on my blog. My goal is to do a lot more. But basically I’m just starting through friends and am going to go from there!!!

  10. I LOOOOOOOVE this!!! Thank you for the beautiful contribution you are to the world, JT : ) Loving my life even more in this moment knowing that there is yet another life lover living out her dreams.

  11. Somehow i stumbled upon your site, so would like to leave some love.
    Very inspiring site, bucket list, everything…..filled with so much energy and soul. Makes me want to get out of this office chair and go be active and do things that makes me feel whole. Give myself some a boost of confidence, and as stated below, go confidently in the direction of my dreams and live my life as i’ve imagined it!
    Thank you for the inspiration and energy boost! :) Gaika

  12. Hi Jenn!
    I saw your blog and goals on lululemon.com, so I checked them out and I am glad I did. It’s very inspiring and makes me want to start my own bucket list! The 40 Day Challenge is genius, I will probably be stealing that idea too. Thanks for posting such an awesome blog for the world to see, I will definitely be checking back frequently! Much love.

  13. Hi Jenn,

    I thought I was a positive and inspiring person until I found your website!! Awesome respect for what you do and what you believe in. I had already started a mini bucket list but expanded it after reading your blogs etc… Thanks for the memories (to be!!) :-)

    • That’s great you’ve made your list longer.. once you get going it’s hard to stop! haha.. I’m glad I’ve helped inspire!!! Thank you for your kind words :) !!

  14. Jenn!! I JUST read your bucket list!! It’s awesome! You’ve inspired me to FINALLY write mine out…i have it in my head…but so much better to write them out so I know when I’ve completed them and then tackle the next one! Thanks luv!

  15. i love your bucket list, sooo inspiring and im making one of my own now too after reading this i got full of new energy !!!! and #60 is on my bucket list too now :)
    you are so inspiring, keep doing what you are doing!!! eat pray love

  16. Hey! Your bucket list is amazing and even though I don’t know you, your list is almost identical to mine that it scared me. You sound so outgoing, motivated, happy, inspirational, positive and a loving and caring person who we need more of in this world! I just want you to know I just stumbled upon your website and it had a very positive impact on my day and now even my life. Thanks! Can’t wait to read the rest of your site! Amanda

  17. wow, what an awesome list! it completely inspired me to write a list of my own! i love your encouragement to dream as big as you can! what an amazing inspiration you are!

    also, because of the strikethrough, i thought number 15 said “sell my ear” which was confusing until i realised it was car… oops! (i didn’t sell mine but i gave it to my dad when i moved from maryland to seattle, who needs ’em!)

    • Bahahaha!!!! That’s hilarious!! That would be a different type of goal for sure.. lol. I’m still laughing! Thanks for writing! And I’m glad you wrote a list of your own!! :)

  18. Jenn,
    I am absolutely amazed and totally inspired by your bucket list! I too am a Registered Nurse and feel compelled to teach and encourage others to live a happy & healthy life! You have given me the courage to begin my very own bucket list! Thank you, Thank You!!!!! Our lives should be filled with love, joy and excitement…. and you are helping to make this happen in many lives! Rock on Girlfriend & God Bless!!!


  19. Hey JT!
    I’v been reading your blog for a couple months now and I just wanted to say you’re amazing and have inspired me so much that my mom and I are planning a yoga retreat to Bali! If you have any reccomendations that would be awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  20. Hey Jenn,

    I have been following your blog for months now, and I acknowledge you for your strength and creativity that you bring to life! I also read your bucket list and I know that you will be blown away when you complete the Advanced Course with Landmark Education! Its a course unlike any other! Your love and spirit are making a real difference to more people than you know!

    Keep it up!


    • Thanks Kat!!! I’m excited to take the Advanced Course – I’m glad to know it’s brought so much to your life – I can’t wait! Thank you for taking the time to write!!!

  21. Jen, Thank you again for sharing your goals, your inspirations, and your journey with us. My friends and I seem to struggle, often, with what to do with our lives – mostly related to our careers. You continue to inspire me to keep going with what I am passionate about. Sometimes it all seems overwhelming and too challenging to continue, to balance. Through reading your blog I always feel renewed and ready to take it all on (because you do). Thank you!

  22. hey there! we met briefly at lulu-robson oct/nov of last year…had a wicked open chat and you recommended i check out your blog…i just had to message and say that i’m so glad we ran into each other…every now and again i check out smilewithyourheart and it is always a breath of fresh air…your joy for life is contagious…you are making a wonderful contribution of positivity and hope…and it is all delivered in a way that is super relate-able…thank you…i look forward to adventures to come :)

    • Heyy!!! So glad you were able to check out my site – and that your’e enjoying it! Maybe we can team up our adventures one of theses days :) Thanks for taking the time to let me know – hope to run into you soon!!!!

  23. Stumbled upon your site, and I really enjoyed it! Any tips on how to make sure you remember to keep ticking things off the list? That’s the toughest part for me

    • Hi V… thanks for reading! As for ticking things off the list? If they’re not getting ticked off, I’m probably not super stoked about it. I keep changing my list – my goals are always changing! Revamping and making them filled with passion. But definitely having 40 day challenges with short term goals helps too :)

  24. It’s not that life is so short..its that we wait so long to begin our own lives..Truly inspirational..great blog

  25. Hey!

    I just dropped by to ur blog looking up travelling plans buket list on the internet.
    I live in Rio and so it is on your list!

    Let know know when u decide to come over and it would be a pleasure to share experience about the world (on my bucket list on geting to know peoples, places and cuture from all over the world. so far I´ve tick offf about 20 countries. But it is so interesting how u fell like going back again to some of them at some point… hehe).

    Take care!


  26. You are already an inspiration to many. Good luck with your endeavours I enjoyed reading your bucket list:)

  27. Jenn
    And I though I had a long bucket list.
    Oh and how about taking your Dad sailing through the islands of the Adriatic , that can be after your stay in Italy Check it out.


  28. I too stumbled upon your bucket list! You are truly inspiration to many others. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your WHOLE list, quite an endeavor. I have also traveled to many countries, such as Egypt, Tibet, and Australia – LOVED THEM! Keep doing what you are doing~

  29. I really like your bucket list. It’s very personal and true to you and what you want to accomplish. I was researching some bucket lists and came across yours. Glad to see that you have done a lot on your list already.

  30. This is wonderful, I love how personal some of your goals are. I came across your list while i was blog hopping for bucket list inspiration. Congrats on all you’ve achieved so far and good luck as you go forward.

    All the best from fellow bucket lister!

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