I am loving my inReach!

IMG_0411We were about four hours into a strenuous hike in Leavenworth, and the conversation had grown silent as it does when you’re in the thick of an epic day and comfortable with the silence amongst each other.  That was until…. my friend mentioned that her husband was planning on getting a SPOT device (a one-way communication device).  Well, what would you know – all of a sudden my passion for wilderness safety kicked in and I was off.  Noooooo! You can’t buy one of those, I explained!IMG_0382.JPG

Her reasoning behind a SPOT? One button, simple. I’ll only need to use it if I’m dying and in serious need of help. Right? Very wrong.

My reasoning behind an inReach? Trip planning. Checking the weather. GPS. Tracking. Staying in touch with loved ones. Safety and preparedness. Alerting your safety person back home when you’ve arrived, turned around and returned safely.  It’s a communication device while travelling.  And one of my favourites – who doesn’t love a satellite message from the top of a mountain?!  There are endless reasons to carry a two-way communication device; these are only just a few.


We no longer have an excuse to be out of touch.  Thanks to my inReach, I feel so much more comfortable in the backcountry knowing that someone will know where I am at the touch of a button and that I can communicate back and forth if need be.  The best part is that it is completely easy to use (this is coming from someone who is technologically challenged!).  I just Bluetooth my phone to the device, and use all of its functions from the convenience of my phone in a nearby pocket.  It really is so simple.  And now I don’t know how I’d function without it!


Stay safe out there!!

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  1. How much do you pay for service? monthly or yearly?

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