No complaining for the next 24 hours

TRY THIS!  For the next 24 hours, aim to not make a single complaint.  That’s right.  No complaining for 24 hours.  I know what you’re saying, that sounds easy.  I don’t complain.  Well.  I tried it the other day and was surprised at how much a ‘person who doesn’t complain much’ actually complains.  The little things such as, ‘I’m tired‘, or ‘I don’t want to go to work’ or ‘I’m so tired of this rain!’.  Complaints.  Negative thoughts.  Not beneficial in creating positive momentum.

img_1865The other day at work, I was working at triage and decided to challenge the other triage nurse I was working with to join me in this challenge for 24 hours – no complaining.  We both laughed, because this is a tough thing to do working in a busy Emergency Department – especially at triage, but we decided we’d give it our best shot.  The amazing thing about this challenge was that the word got out, and several other nurses working near us decided to do it too.  It actually turned into a really fun and uplifting shift, one of the best that I can remember.  Not because the patients or circumstances were different, but because our state of mind had shifted.  It almost turned into a game, where we all tried to find the positive in things that would normally make us pull our hair out.  One nurse mentioned that she wanted to complain about something, but then reminded herself that she had CHOSEN to be an ER nurse.  Such a simple shift!  And such a different and so much more positive outcome to a regular, ordinary day.

I challenge YOU to not complain for 24 hours.  I guarantee that you’ll catch yourself more often than you think you might.  But that’s the beauty in this.  The self-awareness that comes from paying attention.

Self-awareness… the first step towards positive change.  Go!

Smile with your heart

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  1. Thank you for the, “No Complaint”, challenge. As a Paramedic who is in and out of the ED Triage with patients, I am conscious of the many effects of complaining; it frustrates and saddens me. I am also conscious of the effects of a smile, polite words, etc.. I don’t mean to wax on, so …. Stay Groovy :)

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