inReach Ambassador!

It’s amazing the greatness that can come out of the most horrifying and embarrassing experiences.  This past summer, some friends and I had an interesting experience in the Stein Valley (if you haven’t already, you can read about it here), which led to me using my SPOT beacon (a one-way communication device).  Needless to say and long story short – because of some technical difficulty on my part – things went sideways and I have now switched to an inReach device which allows me to have two-way communication with anyone I choose.  I absolutely love having and using it as I instantly feel that much safer knowing that I can contact someone at any moment.  Thank you inReach!


This experience has given me the courage and drive to become an advocate for wilderness preparedness and safety.  I would like to thank inReach for taking me on as an Ambassador this year (!), and helping me to reach more individuals to educate the importance of safety in the backcountry.

img_6772Because of such an unfortunate event and massive learning experience, so much good has come not only to myself but to so many around me.  I know that when I was in the thick of the mess, I felt that I was in a nightmare and would never be getting out.  Looking back now, 6 months later, I smile at this experience and am surprisingly grateful that it happened.

It’s so hard to see the big picture when we’re IN IT, we’re in the mess – but if you can, realize that in that mess lies beauty.  All it needs is time and an attitude of determination to make it something great.

Smile with your heart!



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