The Essentials of a First Aid Kit

Here is what I consider to be the essentials of a basic First Aid Kit for a day such as our Juan de Fuca trail run.IMG_0899

  1. 2-way communication device emergency beacon
  2. Cell phone with GPS &/or map
  3. Emergency bivy
  4. Headlamp
  5. Bandaids, gloves, non-stick dressing
  6. Tensor/coban wrap
  7. Toque & gloves
  8. Gortex rain jacket
  9. Bear banger (optional)
  10. Extra food and water purification tablets.

Basically you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario – you need to have the essentials to keep warm and safe in the event you have to stay overnight.  Safety first!




Smile with your Heart!

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