A new sense of Inspiration – Follow me on Instagram!

IMG_3668This list of adventures, which stares at me from the kitchen, is the reason why I haven’t kept up with writing.  I had an epic week at BC Bike Race, better than I could have imagined, which I do plan to write about soon and share some amazing photos.  I’m still riding on the high from accomplishing such a massive goal and feeling stronger than I’ve ever felt. It still hasn’t really soaked in.  Maybe that’s what has sparked this boost of inspiration.  The feeling of I CAN DO ANYTHING!

A friend at work was joking with me the other day, “JT, you live your life like you have a terminal illness”.  We both had a good laugh, but I took it to heart later on after having some time to think.  I guess in part I do.  I’m so very fortunate to have a job where I have daily reminders of how precious and short life really is.  I see the pain and regrets through other peoples eyes.  I hear the constant advice to “travel while you can dear”, and “don’t take life too serious”.  I’m lucky.  I get to see small tokens of inspiration in all shapes and forms. Reminders.  That we never really do know how much time we have, so we might as well do what we love right now.

IMG_3669Since BC Bike Race, we’ve been busy exploring the trails and seas of BC – I’ve found a new sense of inspiration.  A new urgency to do as much as I can that makes me smile while I can.  I’m sorry to say that means I won’t be blogging as much, BUT! I have been sharing all of my adventures on Instagram.  Please feel free to follow along @smile.with.your.heart – if you haven’t yet joined Instagram, I recommend it!  You can follow whoever you choose.  My feed tends to be a daily influx of inspiring adventure photos – which just makes this list grow even longer :)

Do what you love.  And do it now.  When are you planning on doing that thing you’ve always talked about doing?  When you make it to you’re 100th birthday?  Get on it already!

Smile with your heart!

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