Day 1 – Cumberland


Day 1 is done!  Is this a look of apprehension knowing that it will be 38 degrees out there on some of the logging roads?  I think it might just be.  Boy was that first stage tough.  I’ve ridden the whole course  in Cumberland before, but never with that degree of heat or butterflies in my stomach.  It definitely added to the challenge.  I’m learning a lot about myself during this race so far, as I push myself to my max.  I’m learning what my body does not like (ie. Heat!) and where I need to up the mental game (ie. 3hr mark!).  It’s been a challenge. More so with the fact that I’m frustrated with myself knowing I can do better.

I guess in the end it’s a balance.  Wanting more, but also being happy and gentle with where you’re at right now.  Sometimes, for whatever reason – no matter how hard you try, things just don’t go as hoped or planned.  It’s these times when we must keep on giving it our all, and be okay with where we are at – or as the words on the guys jersey in front of me read while I was having a ‘moment’ – ‘Enjoy the Ride’.  I smiled after reading this, and laughed to myself.  I love when little reminders show up like this.  Perfect timing & great advice :)



And there’s always another day!  Lucky for me I have 6 more to ‘enjoy the ride’.

Smile with your heart!


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