Our fears become Joy

IMG_3262I’ve always found this: the things I’m most challenged by, the things I fear most, are the exact same things that eventually bring me the most amount of joy.  The most satisfying smiles.  The feelings of accomplishment.  And then, the best part, the inspiring feelings of ‘what’s next?!’

I started noticing this with mountain bike trails.  The trails I feared the most when I first started out have now become my favourites.  The trails that I poured my frustration, bruises and tears into – THOSE are my favourites. Not the easy ones that I could happily ride on a first attempt without putting my foot down. Rather, the ones that made me work for it.  That made me practice until it hurt.  That made me ask for help.  The ones that brought out the thought of “that’s impossible” – that eventually turned my so-called impossible into a satisfied smile.

I’ve upped my new impossible trails.  They have just become steeper and gnarlier.  The ones I wouldn’t have dreamed of attempting before, are now my new challenge.  Which I know with time, a lot of time, will become my next new favourites.  What’s next?!IMG_3291

What is your impossible right now?  What is that one thing you thought you would never be able to do?  I say go after it.  With time, this fear will likely turn into one of your greatest joys.

Smile with your heart!


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