Compliments & Confidence

IMG_3086Lately I’ve been working on complimenting people, in all areas of my life.  It all started when I complimented one of our docs on a code that I thought was run very well.  Complimenting a doctor isn’t something that I would normally find myself doing, but in this case I wanted him to know that I thought he did a great job under such stressful circumstances.  I was surprised by his reaction – at how happy and appreciative he was of my kind gesture.  He seemed a little bit shocked, and extremely grateful for the feedback.

This experience is where I learned that giving a compliment not only makes someone else feel better, but it also gave me a sense of belonging, kindness and surprisingly…confidence.

After complimenting more and more people, I noticed myself feeling happier and uplifted.  I noticed myself standing a little taller, and feeling a grounded and lasting genuine smile beginning to form.  I began to recognize that a compliment needs to come from a place of genuine confidence in itself; it’s difficult to compliment someone when we are in a state of insecurity or anxiety.  I began to notice that my recent lack of confidence was beginning to resurface.  Unknowingly, this came about by focusing on making other people feel better, instead of focusing on what I thought I needed.  What an interesting concept.

IMG_3155No matter how you are feeling today, try complimenting a co-worker, friend or family member.  Notice their reaction and how much their day is brightened by your kind gesture.  Then, begin to notice the positive change in yourself.  You’ll stand a little taller, smile a little brighter, and realize that compliments do so much more for you than you would have imagined.

Help others feel good, and you will notice an exponential feeling of happiness, contentment and confidence within yourself.

Smile with your heart

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