Moving on up

JennwinThis past weekend I decided to enter a bike race in Squamish called the Ore Crusher, which after racing it last year and coming dead LAST in my age category I had renamed it the ‘Soul Crusher’.  I was devastated last year after trying my hardest and finishing at the back of the pack.  I felt crushed and defeated.  I thought bike racing just wasn’t for me.

Last weekend I wanted to do anything besides this race, but my coach thought it would be great practice and an added high intensity ride for the week – so I signed up along with a few friends who I knew were also racing it.  In the end, we all ended up doing much better than we thought, with myself placing third in my age category – a whopping 35 minutes faster than last year!  And the amazing part was that I still had wind at the end, so I could have pushed harder.  Who would have thought.  From last to third.  My soul was no longer crushed!


It’s amazing what a little determination and a whole lot of hard work will do.  I have been working so hard over the past 10 months, and this past weekend I was able to see some of the results.  Instead of hating my life and sucking wind (as I did last year), I felt strong, confident and was able to have fun while doing so.  It gave me the boost that I needed – the feeling of ‘I can do anything’.

After last years race, I wanted to give up.  I was so crushed by it that I nearly stopped racing all together.  With a ton of hard work my mind frame shifted from ‘soul crushed’ to ‘I can do anything!’.  A pretty drastic change if you ask me.  If you are struggling with something in your life right now, whatever you do – DON’T GIVE UP! What else can you do to improve?  There is always something.  Start with a goal, commit to a plan of how you are going to reach it, and give it everything you’ve got.  It’s amazing what determination and hard work will do – a combo that will make you believe ‘I can do anything!’.


Smile with your heart!

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