So…. did you do something that scares you today?

FullSizeRender_1Just checking in to make sure you did something that scared you today! Well, did you?????!

Here’s my story of my skid mark face (see left haha).  I decided to continue the trend of getting over my fear of gnarly roots and rock slabs, so Nikola and I headed to Pemberton (which is also usually more sunny than Squamish).  I’m doing a race here at the end of May which has sections of it that are a little over my head – so I think.  With Nikola’s help, I decided I was going to conquer my fears of that trail today.  Done.

I rode it solo last week and walked a frustratingly ton of it.  Today, however; with Nikola’s expertise and encouragement, as well as the determination to commit – I rocked it – slowly mind you, and probably not very pretty at times, but I rode 99% of it only missing a section that I know I’ll get next time.  A massive improvement from last weeks ride.  My smile was ear to ear at the end of it – what an incredible feeling to conquer something that originally seemed too scary to even attempt.FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_2

FullSizeRender_3I realized today that I haven’t been pushing myself out of my comfort zone nearly enough.  With mountain biking, yes, but I also recognized that I need to add this gentle fear factor to more areas of my life.  Having done so two days in a row made a massive difference in my confidence level.  I feel that lately I’ve been lacking the confidence that used to come so easily to me, and I think that I’ve discovered a big reason for this – I haven’t been scaring myself enough.

Doing something that scares you doesn’t have to mean rolling down a rock slab or driving a race car.  It could be as simple as talking to someone in an elevator, speaking your opinion to a co-worker or taking some extra time to chat with the cashier.  Something that you wouldn’t necessarily normally put the effort in to, but decide to try in order to feel more confident and bright with yourself.  It just takes practice.  Soon you will notice that what seemed so dreadfully terrifying becomes a walk in the park. What a great way to add more depth to our lives!

Smile with your heartIMG_2972

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  1. I’ve been doing the same,getting outside of my comfort zone! Currently on day 5 of 30 of taking cold showers. This ted talk inspired me. Check it out!!

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