Just get’er done already!

gripAnother ladies ride with Challenge by Choice, another few trails mastered.  I can’t believe what a difference it makes having someone telling you that it IS possible and having them encourage you through it.  It’s amazing how much our head can get in the way of our potential.

I have walked a rooty, steep section of a certain trail for over 2 years.  Today, I decided that was enough!  I decided I was going to do it, and guess what – no problem.  All that time I had built up this crazy fear in my head.  For so long, I had imagined myself skidding out, falling off the cliff and ending in tears.  What a horrible thing to visualize!  All it took was some determination, a decision to commit and a little encouragement – in the end, it was no big deal.  What was all the fuss about!

We don’t realize how much energy we waste fretting about our fears.  It’s so easy to convince ourselves that it can’t be done.  All of that wasted energy, when all we have to do is believe we can do it, commit, and go for it.grip4

Find something that scares you today – commit to it and just get’er done already!

Smile with your heart

Categories: BC Bike Race, Goals, Health and Fitness, Inspiration


  1. I’m so glad you are back to regularly posting on this blog. I am always inspired!!! :)

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