The magic of encouragement

10982284_10153256871295429_5766219911731322462_nI’ve been fortunate to attend a few mountain bike lessons with a group of inspiring ladies, organized by the gym I go to in Squamish – Challenge by Choice.  All different levels, but only contagious positive attitudes.  Some of the riders are fairly new, and others have a few years under their belt.  I have to say, I am so incredibly impressed by the balls of these girls!!  Some of the trails we were riding today were definitely not easy, and these girls were rocking it!

For the most part, mountain biking with girls is a lot different than riding with a bunch of dudes.  If there’s something gnarly in the way – girls stop, check out the different approaches, discuss it with one another and then encourage each other while each one tries it.  Tonight, we had the bonus of having two coaches supporting everyone, making everyone feel unstoppable.  Everything was possible.  It’s so cool to see a bunch of women cheering each other on, overcoming their fears and doing things they never thought possible.  I was loving the excitement.

I swear things seem easier when you’re trying it with someone else.  Even better if you have someone coaching you through it.  Even better than that if the person trying it with you, and the coach cheering you on, has an encouraging, positive, everything is possible attitude.  The next time you’re trying to work through something, try this: stop, pick the direction you want to take, COMMIT, and have someone beside you encouraging you on.  What a difference this encouragement makes.

Smile with your heart

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  1. Glad to see you blogging again, Jenn! Always good to read your words of encouragement!

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