Make the space to recharge

After a busy and productive day off, I needed to just stop.  I took my dinner and a mason jar of wine to my favourite beach spot and did absolutely nothing.  I slowly ate my dinner, and took savory sips of wine.  As I sat in stillness, I was able to hear the chirping of the Eagles in the tree tops across the river.  I watched the gracefulness of the horses wander by.  I listened to the flow of the river.  I felt the coolness of the sand on my feet.  I took it all in – and I noticed I was smiling.IMG_2875

This is how I recharge – some time alone, alone with my thoughts, surrounded by nature.  I often forget how important this is to me.  I get caught up, and then at the end of the day find myself turning on Netflix to fulfil that craving.  But being outside, away from the buzz, is so much richer.  It takes a small amount of effort, but it leaves me feeling calm, balanced, energized and content.

How ever your soul needs to recharge, make sure you make the time to do so.  It’s so easy to be too busy – it’s what we are accustomed to.  Be kind to yourself in recognizing what you need.  Even if it’s only a few moments.  You will be so grateful you did.

Happy Earth Day!

Smile with your heart

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