Just ask…

julianabike!I’ve received a lot of things in my life simply just by asking for it.

At first it’s a hard thing to do.  What if I’m rejected?  What if I’m laughed at? I won’t get it anyways, so what’s the point.  These are all common things that go through our minds when we see something we want but don’t truly believe we’re good enough to have it.  When I applied to be a lululemon model a few years back, do you think I actually resembled the measurements they were asking for?  Hell no!  But I somehow got the job – I had other things besides the perfect numbers which they saw potential in. Because I had the guts to apply, so many doors were opened up that today I am still truly grateful for.

In October of last year, Jeff showed me a posting online from the Juiliana Bicycles website asking for Ambassador Applications.  (If you haven’t yet heard of Juliana Bicycles, they are the sister company of Santa Cruz – the creme de la creme of bicycles!).  They produce women specific mountain bikes and excel at promoting women’s mountain biking all over the globe.  This resonated with me, as you all know I have a passion for sharing things that I love – things that have changed my life in such a positive and inspiring way. So I said sure, why not.  I applied, not really thinking much of it.  Of course I thought it would be amazing if I actually got it, but I figured since it included applicants from all over North America, I didn’t really stand a chance.


nanna1A few months later, I received an email congratulating myself on becoming an Ambassador.  My jaw dropped.  I was stoked to say the least.  Crazy.  I still can hardly believe it.  Thanks to Jeff for pushing me to apply!  Another little reminder to keep asking for what I want, even if it originally seems impossible.

It’s amazing how hard we can be on ourselves.  How we can convince ourselves that we’re not good enough, that we’re not perfect.  That we’re far from qualified.  Well let me tell you this – perfect is boring. Nobody wants perfect.  What the world wants is someone with a go-getters attitude, who is willing to hear the word ‘no’ a few more times than once in order to get what they want.  A person who knows what they want, and isn’t scared to ask for it.

The next time you come across an opportunity to apply for something you want, maybe the job that you aren’t perfectly ‘qualified’ for, or the team you would give anything to be on – JUST ASK.  Apply yourself.  The worst you will hear is ‘no’, which in the grand scheme of things is not all that bad – it’s something to learn and grow from.  But you never know, you might just get your impossible.

Just ask.  So many wonderful things in life are gained from just asking for it.

Smile with your heart!


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