Vulnerability is my Superpower

IMG_2691I showed up at work today and realized that my name was no where to be seen on the schedule – that mistake was a first for me.  With all the shift trades we do I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.  There were already a few extra nurses staffed up for the day, so I was sent home.  A free, sunny day off.  What the heck was I going to do with myself?  After some thought, I headed to a coffee shop to journal.  A well needed soul tune-up – its been a while.

You know that feeling that continues to show up, to pull at your gut: You can do so much more!  And I’m not talking about adding more hobbies, more activities or to-do’s to the list – I’m talking about that feeling of wanting to make a difference.  Of wanting to stand out just a little bit more in order to bring about some positive change.  To make a difference; to feel on purpose.  Well that feeling has been tugging at me for some time.  And today, I was forced to listen.IMG_2708


I’ve been going through the motions of life lately with a smile on my face. Working hard, reaching forward and striving to live in a healthy and balanced way.  But something has been missing.  I can do more, I keep hearing myself say.  I can do more.

We all have a superpower.  Something that comes easy to us.  A talent that is natural, it just flows out of us.  People may comment on this quality in admiration, saying it’s ‘something you are so good at’.  The funny thing is, whatever this superpower may be – we often shrug it off.  Oh, that’s nothing.  I’ve always done that.  It’s no big deal.  Doesn’t everyone do that? The answer is no.  Whatever that thing is that you are so natural at, well it might just be what you are best at in this world.  It might just be the something that will make a difference.  The difference that you are craving for.

I’ve been ignoring my superpower, I’ve been stuffing it down.  Vulnerability.  And not in the negative sense. Not in a way that makes one think of weakness.  Rather, the ability to be open.  Authentic.  Real.  To relate to others.  To put the ego aside and create a sense of courage.  To connect as human beings.  The ability to share this feeling and inspire others to shed the armour of fear that is suppressing our true self.  That, is my Superpower.   IMG_2490


IMG_2552Now that I’ve done this little bit of soul tuning up, I guess I’m going to have to start doing something about it.  I’m going to have to start letting go of my fears, and be completely honest with myself.  I’m craving to once again start sharing my story with you, so that you too may discover your Superpower – your nudge that is encouraging you to do just a little bit more.

When life presents an opportunity to you, take it.  Listen to what it is trying to share with you.  Today, once I was forced to STOP, I was able to recognize the calling I’ve been ignoring for quite some time.  You are already doing what you are best in the world at.  You are already making a difference.  Just recognize this in yourself, and give yourself more credit!  Listen to that little nudge that is begging you to pay attention.  Acknowledging this is the first step to something big.

Smile with your heart!


Pictures are from our recent Moab & Sedona trip!   

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  1. I love your posts! Thank you You should start an instagram account for your blog. You have great pics! Blog more.

    Have a lovely day 😊 B

  2. Love this Jenn! XO


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