100 Thank you’s

My mountain bike is in pieces in Jeff’s workshop as he’s giving it some well needed love, so I decided to head out for a hike up the Gondola this morning in the beautiful sunshine – apparently, the rest of Vancouver thought this would be a great idea as well.  Unlike the majority of people leisurely making their way up the trail, I was that heavy breathing girl, ear buds in, determined to make it up to the top as fast as I could.  My coffee treat was waiting for me, what can I say?!

At first, I found it annoying having to ask so many people to pass them.  I was upset with myself for choosing to do this hike on a weekend – what was I thinking!  And then, I changed my mindset.  I noticed that I was saying “Thank you” to everyone I passed.  That meant, that I was starting my day with over 100 “Thank you’s”.  I small smile spread over my face, and I started actually enjoying it once I simply decided to change my thoughts.


Gratitude is one of the best ways to bring more GOOD into our lives.  The more that we say “Thank you”, the more easily we fill find ourselves in a positive state of gratitude.  It is in this mindset where happiness lives and possibility soars.

There are so many things we can be thankful for, start noticing more of these things today!

Categories: Goals, Health and Fitness, Inspiration


  1. Beautiful, the scenery, the idea and you.

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