The Unexpected Ripple Effect of Giving

photo-37The other day I posted a book on the Squamish online community page, and listed it as “free”.  I wasn’t expecting anything, I really just wanted someone else to enjoy the book I had finished, and to be honest, posting it online was easier and faster than having to decide what to do with it.  A lady emailed me, asking if I’d drop it off at the chocolate store downtown where she worked.  Of course I agreed, as the chocolate lover in me was hoping for perhaps a small exchange.

The next day, I hand delivered the book to this lady, and instead of chocolate she gave me two books of hers.  What a great idea!  Even better.  With my new books in hand, I went next door to the flower shop where I ran into a friend of mine.  I ended up giving her one of the books, as I really only needed the one. This inspired her to start a book club with some friends, as she wanted to get back into reading but needed the extra encouragement.  Done!

My new book (the one in the picture) is one that I might never have picked up; but I’m finding that I can’t put it down.  It’s a book that’s tugging at my travel bug and passion for remote nursing.  Inspiring to say the least. The best part being that I never would have had it in my hands if it weren’t for my initial effort of giving something away.

The unexpected ripple effect of giving.  You never know what a simple gesture will lead to.  It’s beautiful watching it all unravel.

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