Don’t let the rain stop you!

Dark at 6:00?  Sideways rain?  Whatever you do, don’t let this stop you!  Trust me, you’ll be glad you stuck with it and got outside.  You’ll likely be the only ones on the trail; a magical misty forrest all to yourselves. And once you’ve stepped in that first ankle-deep puddle or ridden through an exceptionally deep mud-pit, the rest are actually fun.  You’re soaked, so you might as well laugh and enjoy it.

Some tips to make it more enjoyable?  Make a strict plan with a friend, no backing down.  Grab some lights. Get some gortex socks (one of my best ever purchases) and a waterproof shell.  Wear layers, you’d be surprised how hot you get.  And make sure to enjoy a cozy mug of tea in some comfy clothes when it’s all done.  You’ll be glad you did it!blog1

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