And the training begins….

IMG_7706After a fun night of camping near Pemberton, it was hard to say no when asked if I wanted to do a hike today.  Instead, we headed back early so that I could go for a 3 hour bike ride.  My training program for BCBR officially started today.  I’m proud to say I have an amazing coach to help me through the next 10 months.  Jen Segger, a Canadian Endurance Athlete here in Squamish, is one heck of an inspiring woman who is going to kick my butt into shape.  Without her, there’s no way I would even think to start with a 3 hour ride with 10 months to go.  That’s crazy!

IMG_7718Already having to say no to something fun has given me a new found awareness.  I already have even more respect for all of the athletes that have previously raced for BCBR; any endurance race for that matter.  There is so much dedication, sweat, grit and sacrifice behind the scenes which I’m already starting to discover.  I know it’s going to be a tough journey, but it’s something that I really, REALLY want.

Go after what you want with everything you have!photo 1-2

ps – and bright pink nail polish makes everything 3-2


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