BC Bike Race 2015

bcbr3I started volunteering with BC Bike Race 5 years ago. I was a student, having the summer off, so figured why not surround myself with inspiring people for an entire week and travel around BC. It was a no brainer. I fell in love with the community. The people, the energy, the atmosphere. I guess you could say it was contagious. The inspiring, up-lifting outdoor stoke. I just wanted more. So for the next 4 years, that’s just what I did.

jenI’ve been a nurse on the medical team for the past 5 years. When I first volunteered, I thought there was no way in hell I’d every ride 7 days straight, let alone ride for longer than 2 hours on the terrain that the speeding sea of spandex seemed to glide down effortlessly. That was until Day 7 of 2014. I bit the bullet and signed up for 2015.

Ever since I started with BCBR I’ve wanted to ride it. It seemed impossible when I first started out. But then, only two years ago, I bought a bike. I started riding. I fell a lot. I smiled a lot. I met a whole bunch of people who rode bikes who made the riding seem even more fun. I started loving it. I began to notice that I smiled most when I was on my bike.


I love the challenge. I love how it kicks my butt like nothing else. I love the feeling of accomplishment after mastering a trail I’ve been working on for months. I love the people it brings together. I love the places it has taken me so far: Revelstoke, Hood River, Whistler, Pemberton, Whitehorse just to name a few. Above all else, I love how it makes me feel. Strong, powerful and free.

photo-32Believe me, I still have a ton of work to do between now and July. I know there are a ton of sacrifices I’ll have to make. A whole lot of hill repeats, even more early morning rides, and a lot of hours put in at the gym. But I want the work. I want the challenge. I want to be the fittest I’ve ever been. I want to accomplish this goal like nothing else. So thank you to BCBR for making an impossible idea become a manifested goal, soon to be one of the biggest accomplishments of this life of mine so far.

If something seems impossible, look at it again from a different angle. Give it a bit more time. I guarantee, if you want it badly enough, the edges will start to smooth and possibility will start to sneak its way in. And then you’ll find yourself all of a sudden signing up.



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  1. beautiful and inspiring….keep it up, you put a BIG smile on my face today.

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