Start by putting it out there

IMG_7156I’ve been wanting to play catch all of a sudden lately.  Maybe it’s the sunny weather and the longer days, who knows.  Between the two of us we only had one glove, so I decided to post something on facebook on our local online buy & sell.  ISO (In search of): Baseball glove.  Within 2 minutes, we had a lady offering to sell us a glove for a really good price and she offered to kindly drop it off.  Within 30 minutes of posting my request, we had a perfect glove in our hands delivered directly to us.  This morning, we were playing catch.  It was as simple as that.

It is so easy to want to do or have so many things.  Often we want certain things, but  then wonder why they haven’t shown up in our life yet.  It’s so vitally important to remember to ASK for what we want.  Start by putting it out there.  Letting the universe, or whatever you might call it, know that THIS is what I want. When we ask for things, are specific, and KNOW that they will be delivered in time… miracles happen.  It took a simple reminder of a baseball glove to help me remember this powerful tool.  Try playing with it yourself, even asking for something simple.  Just start by putting it out there.  What do you really want?!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Please tell me whether it’s possible to subscribe to your blog and how. Nothing seems obvious from my device’s mobile view.

  2. Hello Jenn. Love your blog! Not sure how I stumbled upon it, but I find myself coming back often to see what’s new. I like it so much I wanted to nominate your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Likely, this isn’t the first time you have been nominated, but we wanted to share our appreciation for what you are putting out.

    We look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures!
    All the best, Sarah of

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