Not your average Tuesday

IMG_7140Last night at 5:00 we packed up the trailer and hit the road.  About 20 minutes up the Squamish Valley Road we found a quiet little camp spot, perfect for the night.  A zesty pasty dinner later, accompanied by a few beers and some wine, we were sitting around the campfire enjoying the sound of the flowing creek and the setting sun through the edge of the valley’s window view.  We read our books until the sun went down and the firelight dwindled, then crawled into the trailer for a good night’s sleep.  IMG_7141And that was that.  So simple.  Refreshed and smelling of campfire, we were back at home this morning at 8:30, ready for another productive day.

All it took was an idea, a few moments of planning and a commitment to adventure.  A commitment to go just that extra mile to enjoy the simple things in life.

Smile with your heart.


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  1. I love these posts!!

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  2. Always love reading your blog posts Jen!! Reminders of the simplicity and beauty of life!!! Sending you lots of love !! Also love your trailor! Aly and I looked at buying one like that years back. So light and way easier than setting up a tent with all the equipment for a quick trip! Xoxo

  3. Hi!

    I don’t know if you remember me. I emailed you when I was visiting Vancouver a few years ago and had found your blog. Well, imagine that you inspired me still until this day and I started my own blog called . It’s a blog about nature and spending more time outside. I do my own posts and also get guest bloggers. I would love to hear more stories about your experience blogging and if you have some lessons learned for me. I also would love to post this latest post you just did! I love it and I want to share how simple pleasure and just an idea to go can be just fabulous. Would you let me repost your article and pics?

    Thank you so much! I hope you are doing well and I still love to follow you. I hope you’ll take a peak at my blog too! :-)

    Whenever I get my site better organized, it still so new!!!, I will be sure and put you on my blog roll!

    Have a good one!


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