Just go

IMG_0420IMG_0413IMG_0412This summer I moved to Squamish not knowing more than a few people.  Why such a big move?  I wanted to spend more time where I love, doing what I love, and I wanted to find more people to do this with. A bit scary, I must say.  But.  Because of this big and ballsy move, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve found home.  My home.  And the cool thing?  All of those things I love?  I’m surrounded by people who love doing exactly the same things.  Who live life the same way.  Who work and live to play, and who do a damn good job at it too.  I’ve found since moving here, it’s hard NOT to find people to do things with.  Because everyone is keen.  Everyone loves being here. Everyone loves being in the mountains just as much as me.  I’ve finally found my home.  IMG_0411IMG_0422 IMG_0424IMG_0417Just go.  Don’t worry about being the only one.  Don’t worry about being alone.  Whatever it may be.  Because when you put yourself in a place that makes you feel good?  You’re bound to find people just like yourself in search of the same thing.  I know I have, and I couldn’t be happier.

Smile with your heart


(Pictures are from Mount Chief Pascal – Duffy Lake)

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  1. Amazing, amazing post. Jenn, you continue to motivate me and my positive choices in life. I think you are awesome and if I can think, act & do just a quarter of what you live then I’ll be a happier chick. You simply rock!!

  2. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs Jenn!!! So glad I met you :)

  3. This blew my mind and went straight- i’m talkin like a lightning bolt- to my heart. Thank You!

  4. I like this one. Since recently becoming single I find myself sitting around waiting for someone to invite me to do something. For some reason I feel I need someone to do things with rather than just going. I have a car, I have a GPS, I should just go and enjoy being alone sometimes.

  5. Jen,
    I tried phoning you but your number has changed. Please call me when you can.


  6. Great post!
    Last summer I felt the exact same and move to Whistler, I didn’t know a single person and had never even been to BC. To say the least it was the most life changing experience and I’m coming back early February for all the things I love to do! :)

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