Just a little bit farther

IMG_0108I’ve given myself a new challenge this year: to qualify for the Boston Marathon.    It’s been a while since I’ve run any races, but running amongst the endless amount of trails in Squamish has sparked my interest yet again.  The only catch is this: I have to somehow become 6 minutes faster than my last Boston race.  Somehow.  They’ve upped the anti, and made it that much tougher to qualify.  Jeff has been challenging me to run some gnarly hills, which the previous city-me avoided like the plague.  Why?  Because they’re hard.  They’re tough, and they’re not exactly fun.  It’s tough to ignore them now, living in Squamish – they’re everywhere.  So that’s my plan.  Hills.  And lots of them.  6 minutes faster.  Lots and lots of hills.

The other day we headed up with our snowshoes to run a challenging loop.  The snow was up to our knees.  Wet, thick and heavy west coast snow.  A quarter way in, my pouty face showed up.  A few minutes later, the wining and complaining had begun.  And then there was the stop still in my tracks: “this is too *$^&ing HARD!” that came out of my mouth. Sexy, right?  Right.  He laughed, which made me laugh and I was thankfully able to shake it off.  I was still pissed and brought my pouty face with me most of the rest of the way, but somehow managed to finish.IMG_0102

The next day, I decided I wanted to try it again.  I wasn’t going to let this stupid snow-packed hill win.  So we ixnayed the snowshoes and headed out yet again.  This time, even worse.  There were no other tracks.  Just ours from the day before, which had been iced over.  Great.  My shins were becoming raw from the icy snow top of the too-much-stupid-snow hill.  I began to pout (again) and yelled (again), “this SUCKS!”.  Thankfully, I have a boyfriend who challenges me and isn’t afraid to tell me to suck it up every once and a while: “Why do you think there are no other tracks out here?”, he asked as I stared back at him dumbfoundedly and still pissed, “because it IS hard”.  Very true.  Very, very true.

If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to put in some effort.  If you want to get a little bit farther, if you want to reach farther than the norm, you have to put in a whole bunch more effort than the average person would.  How do you think successful people got to where they are?  They worked hard.  They sacrificed.  They went the extra mile. They went just a little bit farther.  Maybe they even had raw shins from too much icy-snow.  Either way, they did it.  They went where it was a little too tough for anyone else. Where it was uncomfortable and scary.  Where it challenged them to their limits.  But they did it.  And ask anyone of them, the rewards were worth it.  They always are.IMG_0107

If you want something bad enough, reach farther.  Just a little bit farther.  Be a little bit different.  Choose a different path, take a different route.  You might not notice a lot of other tracks or other people following you along the way, but when you get to the top? Where you want to be?  They’ll be watching in awe.  Encouraged.  Inspired.  They’ll ask you what you did different.  You’ll smile modestly and say, I went just a little bit farther.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Smile with your heart

(Pictures are from Tricouni Peak, Squamish)

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  1. great post … have missed your voice but glad you’ve been taking time for you

  2. just a thought… but instead of boston, why not shoot for something totally awesome in your own backyard that you could train so specifically for?? squamish 50? knee knackering 50k? wayyyyyyy more fun than pounding pavement! and super awesome people… very tasty aid station food and the post race is fabulous! :) there are so many great ultras in the Van/Squamish/Whistler area!
    kristinz (ultrarunner) :)

    • Thanks for the advice!! Those are great ideas – for some reason, I love the Boston marathon and I HAVE to go back! It was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m sure I”ll be running one of those races one day soon though! Thanks Kristin!

  3. Loved this post:) Its so true!!! You have to work hard to reach those goals! Boston is a great goal:) What race do you plan on running to qualify for it? You have a wonderful patient boyfriend i must say:) Sounds like he challenges you in a good way and brings out the best in you even more! You sound like a great match…keep up hitting those hills lady and you WILL qualify. You’ve got this!

  4. Wow, love this post. Once again Jenn, you have totally inspired me to reach beyond. Since you’ve set your goal to be Boston, I’ve set my goal to run the Half in Vancouver at this year’s Seawheeze. I’ve only run 10K so far but am determined to get the training in to complete a half. I’m stoked. I’m inspired and I can’t wait to begin my training over the next 9 months!

    The other thing I wanted to mention regards your “faster time”. If you are looking for a fast race to qualify for Boston why not consider running the Canadian Derby in Edmonton this August? It is known as one of the fastest races in North America and many attend to qualify for Boston. You can find it on the Running Room’s website.

    Best of luck!

    • Nice job on the big goal Laurie! That’s awesome! I’ve already signed up for the Vancouver marathon… but thanks for the advice.. that one sounds awesome. I’ll definitely check it out.

  5. Love it! My goal is to qualify this year too, however even with my best marathon time, I have to take off 14mins! :) As for the hills, they give you a nice @SS! I always like to tell myself there is a mojito man on the beach, just ahead….waiting for me to give me that cold icy mojito…For some reason I never see him, but I know one day I will find him! hahaha Good luck with your goals, hopefully see you in Boston 2014!!! Giddy up!

  6. Great Photos ! [ The one with the water & the snow tunnel ]

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