So I had this goal….

This post was written way back when in September, and was my first blog post for Semperviva yoga.  You can visit their site here, or just keep on reading.  Another posting will be up this week, I’ll make sure to let you know!

ImageSo I had this goal.  An ambitious goal.  To write for three different companies in one year.  That’s right. Three.  How was this going to happen?  I had no idea.  Who knew, but I believed that it would. I expected it. And I wrote it down for everyone to see. Not knowing how it was going to come about, I just kept doing exactly what it was that I normally did. What I knew best.  Adventure, play, travel and work, writing my inspirations as I went along.  This part was easy.  It was what I always did.  It was safe.  It was comfortable.  It was familiar.

A few months after writing down my goal, the opportunity presented itself. Really? Me? Huh? Am I good enough? Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? Why would they choose me? The fear started to sneak its way in.  The realization that it’s easier to dream, to write down my crazy, ambitious, way-out-there goals, in the comfort of the familiar. That it’s actually easier to live behind a dream, almost secretly hoping that it doesn’t happen. Because when it does, we so easily freak out. You know that feeling. When the excitement fades away, the accountability sets in and you realize – man, I’m actually going to have to follow through with this. Is this what I really want? It’s going to be so much work. I like the way my life is right now, do I really want this? Am I sure? Nope. Because we’re second guessing ourselves. Holding back and allowing fear to take over. Remaining stuck, living safely behind our dreams.


Mountain Biking in the Yukon.

ImageWhen fear begins to take over, we start to believe anything our minds will convince us otherwise. The “I’m not good enough’s”, “I’m okay with the way things are” and “well, I didn’t really want it anyways” make their way to the front of the line. Why? Because life is comfortable, and lets face it, change isn’t. It’s as straight forward as that. But. How boring would it be if life were always comfortable? Always the same? Pretty lame if you ask me. We wouldn’t meet new people, see and experience new things, or grow as individuals. We wouldn’t allow ourselves the chance to reach for what we really want. We would lose that spirit of excitement, that whisper of a thrill that lives in each and every one of us.  That is aching to be nourished, trusted and explored. That is waiting for you to believe in it. To feel so incredibly inspired that it has nowhere else to go but out. Beaming out of you, inspiring others and allowing you to live the life you’ve always imagined just might be possible. Yes, that life. That feeling. It’s in there. In all of us. Trust me, it’s there.


Hiking in Whitehorse.

So don’t hold back. Don’t live in the safe spot behind your dreams. The next time your dream presents itself, and it will, don’t hold back. Instead, commit. Commit to that feeling you had when you first created the idea. The inspiration that ignited throughout your body. Remember how badly you wanted it. How confident you were in your decision. Remember it. Come back to this feeling. This passion. And know that you ARE good enough and you DO want it. You dreamed it, you believed so strongly in it, you created it and now it is yours. Your chance to run with it and take it anywhere you want to go.

So here’s to my dream. A dream that almost let a fear disguised as, “I’m too busy and definitely not good enough” take over. A dream that’s starting with a small, but courageous step, which might just inspire someone else to reach just a little bit higher, dream a little bit bigger and believe that anything really is possible.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Your blogs are always so inspirational and seem to come at the most opportune times!! They are sooooooo true. Thank you!!!!

  2. You are SO amazing and such an inspiration!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Such an awesome goal!! I am a small company but you are more than welcome to write a guest post for my blog if you want to!! :)

    I’ll definitely check out your other posts! So fun to read your writing again!

  4. I admire your enthusiasm for life; I enjoy reading about your adventures, due to a chronic illness most of my dreams seen to be focused on doing my yoga practice,writing, listening to the beautful rhythms of the world outside, meditation, getting the dog out for a walk, having the strength to take care of myself;being present, great dreams of achievement seem to be out of my reach,is it possible to dream big when living with a chronic illness , a question I often ask myself.

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