Yes, it’s worth it

In case you were wondering, yes, it’s worth it.  It always is.

Sitting on the skytrain en route to the airport.  A feeling is brought back that ignites something inside of me.  That hasn’t been felt for some time.  That makes me reach into my bag and start scribbling on the first piece of paper I can find.  That inspires bucket lists and blog posts.  A reminder of how much I love to travel.  To adventure.  To inspire.  To create and live the dream.  My dream.  To create my dream, one new adventure at a time.

The view from work this morning, not bad hey?

Is it worth it?  Those 4 hours of sleep post night shift, that last minute packing, that 45 minute drive in to North Vancouver, followed by a bus ride, seabus and skytrain, finally arriving at the airport?  Definitely.  It’s all worth it.  It always is.  Another exciting adventure awaits.

I’m headed up to the Yukon and Alaska to meet my roomie, Christina, for some Northern adventures.  Equipped with bike, hiking and camping gear, and of course, pub attire.  I could have easily said, “I’m too busy”, “that sounds like a lot of work”, “I can’t afford it”, or “I’ll be tired.”  But instead, I’m here, at the airport, so happy that I decided to buy a ticket.  Making it happen.  So happy that I said yes.

So often, things seem impossible.  Daunting.  Too much work.  Too much effort.  Too much this, too much that.  It’s amazing what we can convince ourselves to believe.  Most of the time though, the “too much’s” are forgotten, and the hard times erased, only leaving happy and inspiring memories in its place.  That sweaty, squishy bus ride, lugging all that baggage, stressfully weaving in and out on top of a little lack of sleep?  No big deal.  I’m pretty sure I’ll forget all about that once I’m at the top of a mountain, ripping through trails, waking up in a tent to the fresh scent of frost on the ground or enjoying an ice cold bevy at the dodgy pub in Whitehorse laughing my face off.

It’s worth it.  It always is.  So make the effort.  Make more memories.  And maybe ask yourself this: If tomorrow was your last day, would you have wished you’d done it?  My guess is, you probably would.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Hi! Ever since I started following your blog you always have a tendency to make a new post that relates to me EXACTLY nearly every time, precisely at the moment. Thank you!!

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  2. enjoy the blue moon from your tent tomorrow nite jt

  3. Great to see a post from you:)) Have a wonderful time, JT! As always, I look forward to the photos and stories. Namaste <3

  4. Saw your 40 day challange. My favourit knot is “Jug Sling Hitch”

  5. Yes is always best. You never know what awesome adventures you’ll have simply by saying yes and be positive!

  6. Hello Jenn,

    I have been following your blog since you were featured on lululemon and as a current practical nursing student have found it very inspiring-particularly your sock ladies project and post. The video your group made was fantastic!

    I would love to discuss the sock ladies project with you and have sent you a message via Facebook with the details.

    For now enjoy your time up North and keep on writing because you never know how big of a difference sharing your ideas might make.


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