From Stilettos to Stethoscopes

This post is gonna be short and sweet as Mandy and I are waiting at the airport to catch our flight over to the island for BC BIKE RACE!!!  Last night, Karen – who I’ve known since preschool – married her mister prince charming.  What a beautiful wedding.  I’m so happy for you guys!

So last night, there was a short moment where I was tired of being that 30-something single girl who seems to go to every wedding a la solo.  Steph’s boyfriend, Jonathon, being the sweetest gentleman that he is, must have noticed this sad girl sulking in the corner since he asked, “Jenn. Need a drink?”  Yep!  “What kind?”  Something strong.  Done.  A few minutes later, I thought to myself – I’m not going to be that person.  I’m gonna switch this around. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, at such a beautiful place, I’m going to celebrate.  I’m going to create something.  I told myself: This is going to be the last wedding I go to single.  Done.  So instead of sulking, the rubber arm let loose and I started to celebrate.  As simple as that.  Just by switching around a few little thoughts in my head.

That’s all it takes.  Just a few moments to switch it around.  From sulking to celebrating.  From sadness to contagious happiness.  Just with a single thought.  And today, from stilettos to stethoscopes. BC Bike race – here we come!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. You show um Jenn. You were the prettiest gal there too! Embrace the saying “women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. Eventhough I have been married for 33 years and am now 61, I know the most fun times I have had are with my girlfriends! Someday Mr. Right will come along, but be picky sweetie.

  2. Wow, what inspirational words! Loved reading your Article, motivated me to enjoy every little moment of his life to its fullest. Your style of writing is personal, authentic and seems to come from a deep person, eager to find out what makes herself and others happy.

    Thank you for this :-)


  3. Hey jenn, missing your posts! Hope the BC bike race was amazing and that you’re currently living the dream. Hugs from NZ :)

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