Thank you!

Team Wespac Electric :) We raised over $12,500!

So muddy and rainy, but ooooh so much fun.

Remember me?  I know, I’ve been in hiding.  The picture below sums up my life lately, along with work, yoga and leading life with my rubber arm.

Thank you for your support in helping me raise money towards the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  You helped me surpass my goal of $2500, so thank you!  I honestly didn’t know if it would be possible or not… But then again, I guess anything is possible if you want it bad enough.  We ended up raising $11.2 million towards the BC Cancer Foundation.  So much has already been accomplished with this money, having been the 4th year running.  Changes are happening!  Thank you so much for your support. It was an amazing weekend – I loved every minute of it.  Even though it took me about an hour for my sore bum to get comfortable once again on day 2, I wanted to keep riding until California – a new adventure on the ever growing bucket list.  We left feeling accomplished, inspired, and completely exhausted.  Amazing.

So excited for beer and a burger, we forgot to get a picture at the end with our bikes.

I haven’t had too much to write lately.  Not really sure why.  But thank you to everyone who has let me know that I am making a difference in their lives, which to me is the most important thing.  So thank you.  Not many days off lately with being in school and working my toosh off too.  School?  Yep!  Paid to learn – can you believe it?   A new-ish-grad already accepted into the ER program?  Yep!  Do you know how many people have asked, “How’d you get that?  Aren’t you a new nurse?”  And I say – yep!  That’s just how badly I wanted it.  If you want it bad enough… you know what I’m going to say.  REACH AFTER IT ALREADY!  Don’t think you’re qualified?  So what!  Show them how bad you want it.  Show yourself how much you believe in YOU.  I bet you’ll surprise yourself.

Karen’s stag – aka night of debauchery – in Whistler.

Next week?  Working with the medical team at BC Bike Race with some of my favourite people in the best place on earth.  My favourite bubble.  My favourite week of summer.  And paid to do what I love!  Who knew. Maybe anything really is possible.

Keep you dreams big and your beliefs in those dreams even bigger.

There are two kinds of people:  Those who say, “I will believe it when I see it.” And those who say, “To see it, I know I must believe it.”  I prefer the latter.

I’ll be back soon!  Spontaneously and randomly most likely, but I will be back!

See you after Bike Race!

Smile with your heart.

Love Jenn

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  1. I love when your blog pops up in my reader!!!

  2. me too! luv that ur being PAYED to do what U LUUUUUUUUUUUUV! ur an inspiration! keep it coming bella! xoxo! REACH! yes! (ps. pictures are gorgeous and congrats on all the $$ raised to help people heal/cure live their best lives :) ) hugs all around!

  3. Congratulations on the fundraising! You and your team accomplished a great thing! And congratulations again for earning your way into the ER Program so early! Your life seems full of adventure but it’s wonderful to see that you are able to maintain a level of balance:)

    I’m am excited to share that in the past month, I have finally dedicated myself to living a healthier life (cleaner eating; a more positive attitude; yoga 4x/week; working towards cycling regularly), and I already feel changes happening. I feel different and it feels good!

    Lets hear it for positive change! WOO! :))

  4. yay i’m always glad when you’re back to post…you take some of the most beautiful pictures. it’s totally put vancouver on my travel to-do list!! :) glad you’re well.

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