Please stop.

To the man behind me in the airport security line up, loudly voicing  your frustration of the length and slow pace of this line.  Please stop.  Just please stop complaining.

Let me guess.

You’ve never had to wait an entire day lying on a stretcher in the scorching sun with a necrotic, infected foot infested with maggots, swarming wth flies and covered with a diaper as that is all that’s available, waiting all day for an operating room to become available so that your foot can be amputated – without one gesture of complaint.

Let me guess, this has never happened to you.

Or let me guess, you’ve never had the only family member you have left after a tragic disaster give birth to a 1kg pre mature baby at a hospital which does not have the capability to resuscitate your baby so you drive to 4 different clinics, while at risk of dying yourself, and when you finally reach the only hospital that will help, your baby is blue and lifeless.

Let me guess, this has never happened to you.

Or let me guess, you’ve never heard the words, “sorry, there is nothing we can do”, spoken to you in a language you do not understand, sending you back to your roofless brick home as the only available clinic to you does not have the diagnostic tests or treatments available to help cure your disease and save your life.

Let me guess, this has never happened to you.

To the man behind me in the airport security line up, I could go on for hours.  Please stop.  It is doing no one any good.  You are wasting your time.  Please, just stop your complaining.

One more thing, to the man behind me in the airport security line up.  Thank you.  Thank you for reminding me of what I have seen.  Of what I have witnessed.  Of having been given the permanent reminder of how fortunate and blessed I truly am.  Of realizing that I have nothing, absolutely nothing, to complain about.  Thank you.

Smile with your heart.

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  1. great jenn ,always inspiring ,namaste

  2. All you posts are so inspirational, because you are so upbeat & see life from a positive perspective. This one, though — this is the one that made me cry. This is the one that makes me want to be a better person. I’m not the guy in line complaining, but I’m also not the quiet girl remembering to be kind and finding a way to be grateful even in the face of nonsense. I’m the obnoxious bitch telling the rude guy to pipe down & then taking it upon myself to “teach” him all the ways he’s wrong (all the reasons you mentioned & more). My way is wrong. Your way is right. I want to learn to do things your way, to see things the way you see them. I want to find ways to be grateful, to find the beauty where there should be none. I want to smile with my heart. Thank you for this. I think I’m finally getting there.

    • No right or wrong!!! Just me being in shock. Believe me, there are times when I would have grilled into someone like that. But I guess lately, not so much. No point I guess! Thanks for writing!

  3. The colours in the photo are fantastic. Just beautiful.

  4. Thank you so much for this insight and reminder to always be grateful.

  5. Just made my eyes water a lil’bit. Thanks for that!!! We need to be reminded how lucky we are!!! Xo

  6. Ahhhhh I soooo needed this today! Thank you for the wonderful reminder! It’s so amazing the pain that we aren’t experiencing when we think the the world is the absolute worst. In reality our bad days are quite an amazing day in someone else’s life!! I can only hope to hold on to that gratefulness everyday!! Thanks for your awesome blog- I’ve been overdue for a comment after reading it for so long!!

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