Off to Haiti

So I wrote a few goals down after dreaming big. REALLY big.  And guess what – things are happening.  Much sooner than I thought they might. Having written them down, some of them seemed crazy.  I thought to myself, ‘how the heck are these actually going to happen?  Will they happen?’  YES. That’s the fun part.  Not worrying about HOW your dreams will manifest but rather EXPECTING them to happen.  And most likely much sooner than you think.  The people you need will show up out of what seems like no where, you’ll get a phone call or an email out of the blue, a cheque in the mail, and on and on it goes.  It’s exciting.  Once you decide what you want, and you physically BELIEVE it will happen – the magic starts to happen.  Sleeping in an igloo?  Really?  Yep – check!

I’ve been reading a book lately which is slowly starting to make drastic changes in my life.  Small changes which are leading me to FEEL differently.  Which are enabling me to look at all things in a different light. The book?  ‘The Magic‘ – by Rhonda Byrne. The basic message so far?  Be GRATEFUL. For every little thing that happens to you and that has already happened.  If you aren’t yet receiving the things that you want, try being more grateful for what you already have.

Try this: take a rock, any rock.  Place it beside your bed.  Every night before you go to sleep, pick up that rock.  Hold it in your hands and start thinking about your day.  What is the ONE thing you are most grateful for on this day?  Really think about it – and when you find it, FEEL gratitude for it.  The amazing thing about this exercise is that you’ll notice that in trying to find the one thing you are MOST grateful for, you will be thinking of ALL the things you were grateful for.  Trying to pick the best one?!  It’s actually kind of fun.  A light, gentle, blissful feeling of happiness.  Imagine going to sleep every night with THIS feeling.  Like I said – small changes making a drastic difference.  And this is only one of them.

Tomorrow I leave for Haiti to volunteer for a week. With a team that blows my mind.  I couldn’t have imagined a more brilliant team filled with smart, caring, compassionate, outgoing and giving people. People who make you feel you’ve known them your entire life.  THAT feeling.  I love it.  How did it manifest?  Well it all really started with one AMAZING person a few years ago who took a leap of faith on a whim to volunteer during the most devastating time for this country.  One amazing person after another.  One, now turning into a group of 30 or so peeps – continually growing.  And for me?  How did I get involved?  One thought – one dream – one goal. Putting it out there.  Believing it would happen.  Things magically lining up one after another.  Surprisingly, much sooner than I thought.

“What happens when you dream a dream and you live it?” – Eric Larsen.

My answer?   You ARE living your dream, whether you are conscious of it or not.  Wherever you are RIGHT NOW, you’ve created it with your past thoughts and actions.  Not where you want to be?  Then start dreaming differently.  It starts with your thoughts. Thoughts of gratitude.  Life is pretty darn awesome, RIGHT NOW.  So become conscious.  Become conscious of what you truly want.  And keep dreaming bigger because your DREAMS ARE ALL HAPPENING – much sooner than you think.

So here’s to a life changing week.  I won’t have access to my site while I’m away, but I promise I will be sharing as many stories as I can when I’m back.  Thank you for being patient with my well needed time off.  I think I’ve been preparing myself for this week to come.  Here goes…. !

Smile with your heart!

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  1. winter camping is great quinzees are quite warm even at -40 c still +2 ,3 inside ,need door and vent we all need something to touch ,hold ,your mala beads or talisman to help focus an attitude of gratitude

  2. Love you so much Jen! You are such an amazing person and a true inspiration! Thank you for the blog post today, you always seem to right on the money; gratitude is the key to happiness!! Thanks for the book recommendation too! I hope you have an unforgettable trip to Haiti and I can’t wait to hear all your stories and see your pictures! !Be safe and have and have an amazing trip!!!

  3. You make me feel happy just by looking at you in your pictures. You always seem so happy and full of life. I look forward to your posts and the inspiration they always seem to hold for me. I hope you have an amazing time in Haiti, take lots of pictures and please, keep smiling with your heart !!

  4. Frickin’ amazing.

    Have fun in Haiti!!!!

  5. I was wondering how did you find your group to go to haiti? Just trying to find a way to go thanks

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