Failure is your friend

It’s been a few days, and I know I haven’t been religiously blogging.  I’ve had my nose in the books on my days off.  For some reason, the phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook for me to be called in to work.  An eery feeling of, ‘I’m supposed to be doing something‘.  Which for me, turned into sleeping/reading/yogaing and enjoying a little down time.

For some reason I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around writing lately.  Instead, I’ve been mainly taking things in, digesting them if you will.  I hadn’t realized how much I’ve neglected this side of myself.  The side that loves to learn.  Personal growth.  I’ve been so focused on learning more in regards to my career, that I lost the urge or the drive to focus once again on myself.  The quietness that is always there, waiting to be nourished.  Well I’m listening, and am realizing how much better of a person I feel I can be when I pay attention to this side of myself.  When I pay attention.

A quote that I highlighted today by Robin Sharma is one I want to share.  About failure.  Which has been something that has been catching my attention lately.  Having been trying so many new things lately, it’s hard not to feel like a failure at some points.  Or at least feeling like ‘I really suck’ – take x-country skiing for example (just because I tried it in highschool does NOT mean that I will be a superstar.  Who knew that it could be so hard?  I apparently did not).  Anyways, here’s the quote I want to share with you:

“Failure is not having the courage to try, nothing more and nothing less.  The only thing standing between most people and their dreams is the fear of failure.  Yet failure is ESSENTIAL to success in any endeavor.  Failure tests us and allows us to grow.  It offers us lessons and guides us along the path of enlightenment.  The teachers of the East say that every arrow that hits the bull’s eye is the result of one hundred misses.  It is a fundamental Law of Nature to profit through loss.  Never fear failure.  FAILURE IS YOUR FRIEND.”

“Do not give up.  The beginning is always the hardest” – Author Unknown

Try it.  Keep trying it.  And whatever you do, do NOT give up.  Coming from someone who becomes so incredibly frustrated when I’m not “perfect” the first time trying something (we are ALWAYS our own worst critic) – trust me.  Do not give up.  We all have to start somewhere.  Even if it means falling over 10 times whilst cross-country skiing.  Who does that?  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Well if it makes you feel any better, it is.

Smile with your heart (and don’t give up!)

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  1. The fear of failure can really hinder your growth as a person!!

  2. This is just what I need to read this morning! Thank you so much for the fantastic post! Can I ask, is there a book that you are reading that is helping you nourish yourself at this time in your life?

  3. I tried cross-country skiing last winter for the first time and had a very similar experience. I’m a pretty athletic person and thought this would be a piece of cake. Wrong. I spent the majority of my time on my bum rather than standing on my skis and got so tired and stressed out that at one point I burst into tears – on the mountain! over cross-country skiing! I haven’t had a chance/have avoided trying it again since then but your post has inspired me to go back and keep trying, keep falling, as many times as I need to in order to finally get it. Thank you!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I am kind of in love with you:/ I noticed that rock climbing is one of your goals! I can totally help you with that! If you are ever down in New Mexico hit me up! I’m on couch surfing. Have a peaceful day.

  5. Hi
    Just thinking of you tonight… Hope you are well and light is shining bright!

  6. Ooops
    And YOUR light is shining bright!!

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