Best Inspirational Blog!!!

It’s me again!!!  Two posts in one day – pheww!!  I need your help.  I’ve been nominated by Fitness Magazine for ‘Best Inspirational Blog’!  I know!!  I’m pretty thrilled!  If you have felt inspired by my posts, and feel that I deserve this award – PLEASE take a few minutes and click on this link, or the picture below.  It will ask you to write in some personal information, but please keep on going!!  Don’t stop there.  Please vote!!!  It will only take a few minutes, and WHO KNOWS what can come from this!!! Thank you!

Thank you ALWAYS for reading, and for continually inspiring me to keep writing.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. My vote is in….because it’s true! You are the most INSPIRING blog! You show honesty and transparency which is appreciated. When I have a hard day and feel like giving up, I see that you may also have those hard days. Yet, you keep pushing through, keeping clear site of your dreams!

  2. Congrats! What an honor:) I have now voted for you. Best of luck!!!

  3. You have my vote! Erin

  4. You are definitely an inspiration! What I love most is how real you are – you’re very open and honest, down to earth and relatable. You certainly have my vote!

  5. I voted! I was wondering what kind of road bike you have? Why did you choose that brand? I’m looking into getting into road biking and triathalons and I’m looking for a good intro-bike, women’s specific. Thanks!! I love your blog! keep at it! :) -Kate

  6. Congratulations JT! What an honour – your blog is fantastic – you absolutely have my vote!!! :)

  7. Congratuations JT! Your blog is fantastic – what an honour! You absolutely have my vote!!! :)

  8. I’ve recently stumbled across your blog and its so moving how something like this can really impact a persons life. congratulations on all your success! Your blog is so fantastic! You’re doing an amazing job! i’m new to wordpress and i started my own inspirational blog. i love writing and it would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog and help me gain a few more followers that would read and appreciate my writing! thankyou so much xxxx

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