Checking in with my goals

Since I’ve been needing a little more me time lately, I’ve decided to put my next 40 day challenge on hold.  Just for now.  I’ll still be writing, still be inspiring as often as I can – but I’m putting my time first.  Working on filling myself up: sleeping in tents, surfing on white powder, and meditating on my mat.  Who am I kidding though – the only thing that comes from doing these things is more inspiration.  So don’t worry, this hiatus won’t be long.

One thing I don’t always do on this blog is evaluate my goals.  Which is often one of the most important aspects of goal setting.  To re-evaluate.  To continually check-in.  What do I want?  What is most important to me?  Am I accomplishing at least 50% of my goals?  Any more, and you’re probably not reaching high enough, and any less – well, time to make some changes perhaps.  Maybe you don’t necessarily want what you’ve written down.  Which is okay.  Things change.  And so do goals.

I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to for my last challenge, which is what I’ll be focusing on right now.  Adventuring my heart out, or at least trying to.  With my Adventure Bliss list for my year of dirty thirty?  I’m not doing too shabby.  Lots of courses being accomplished, lots of plans, not nearly enough nights in tents – but I’m working on it!  A few major changes.  But I’m happy with all of it.  Yoga teacher training in India – unfortunately once again will be put on hold.  For a once in a lifetime opportunity of… an Emergency Specialty training sponsorship.  Yep!  I will be going back to school, sponsored to become an ER nurse – starting in June.   So it looks as though all of these courses, these tiring days of hard work are starting to pay off.  Happening faster than I expected.  Isn’t that usually the way?  When you invest so much into yourself.  Into doing what you love.  When you want something badly enough, it so often tends to manifest sooner than you think.

So the days of zen in India on my yoga mat will have to wait.  For some reason, which I don’t quite yet understand, the timing isn’t right.  But I trust.  I TRUST with everything I have in me that my life is unfolding magically, just as it should.  It’s so cool watching it all manifest.  Like a book that you can’t put down – knowing what’s coming.  Knowing how much more there is.  But enjoying RIGHT NOW with as much enthusiasm as you can fathom.  Life is good.  — See you one day soon India.  My yoga mat and I will be visiting you sooner than you think!

Oh, and did I tell you that I’m going to Haiti??  I’m volunteering for a week at the end of April, with a rockstar team from my new hospital-to-be.  Here’s to making dreams happen, and inspiring along the way.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Your blog is SO fantastic and VERY INSPIRING! Love it:)


  3. You are such an inspiration.Since I’ve started reading your blog, I’ve let go of a lot of fear and just started DOING. You inspire me to go after the things I truly want from life. Congrats on the scholarship and enjoy the “me” time.

  4. Thank you Jen for continuing to post what is going on with you. It is like reading a good novel for this 60 year old who thinks like a 30 something. Maybe because I never had children and loved my career and adventures. Retired now to just go on adventures and take care of my dog, my husband of 30+ years and myself. Life is full and good and you remind me of that always. Thank goodness there are people like you to make this world a better place. ER Nurse . . . you GO girl!!! Plus, you always inspire me to go to yoga.

  5. India isn’t going anywhere Jen…continue to trust the process and go with it girl!

  6. Your a very smart girl!

    To BE present is to open up happiness.

    Keep it all up! Your a great role model for so many. Thanks for all the effort, and the heart felt smiles!

    Hope you have a great day!

    • Thank you J – this mean a lot!! :)

      • I was just stating facts. And also, from your blog you seem very lucky, not everyone with such a kind heart really wants to grow – you do.
        And technology is great… allows so many of us to see a person like you flourish right in front of our eyes.
        Once again, thanks for all the effort.

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