Day 34 – “This tastes like travelling!”

These were my favourite words of the night.  The International Wine Festival at the Convention Centre, Saturday night.  3 hours of all the wine you can drink. Well…. you’re supposed to really only taste sips of it, and then empty your glass.  But, after a few stressful shifts, and a well needed night out?  Ha!  We had a good time, lets just put it that way.  Wines from all over the world.  All in front of me!  After spending a few glasses in Canada, we headed to Spain which is where the “this tastes like travelling!” came out of my mouth.  The travel bug started making it’s way out once again.  My favourite of the night?  A Shiraz from South Africa – Lammershoek Syrah, 2007.  I even double checked to make sure it was my favourite towards the end of the night, wine goggles and all.  Yep!   Hands down my favourite.

Alright, back to studying on how to rescue hearts.  I’m taking my Advanced Cardiac Life Support today and tomorrow, and am in WAY over my head.  But trying hard to say the least.  Sometimes it’s good to get yourself out of your comfort zone and try something that intimidates you.  This is what I’m telling myself anyways, surrounded by books.

You never know where you’ll become inspired.  Try something new.  You might find yourself looking at flights the next day dreaming about a vacation in the not so distant future.  :)

Smile with your heart!

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  1. get knowledge jt it is the most wonderful substance to get in this world ,GO GIRL !!!!

  2. mmmm bounnooo!!! la toscana is waiting for u jen!!! comeeeee and visit soooon and i will have a glass of san giovese with ur name on it! miss u my beautiful inspiration and sponsor!!!!!!!!!! thanku again and again for bringing me your light! xoxo!

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