Day 28 – A relationship to place

Is this possible?  To have a relationship with a place?  I hadn’t ever really even thought of this before, until my obsession with Squamish began.  Days off, I drive here.  45 minutes outside of Vancouver, squished between the majestic mountains of Whistler’s winter wonderland and the buzzing West Coast city life of Vancouver.  Hidden in the valley, beside the ocean, tucked between endless trails to explore and mountain peaks to climb. For some reason, I’m always inspired here. Adventures lists, inspiring blogs, translating dreams onto paper.  Dreaming up the most wildest, adventurous, passionate life imaginable.  There’s something about this place.  Something that calls me to it.  That brings out the dreamer in me.  That lights me up.  That sends me home smiling with bigger dreams, believing with every ounce of my soul that this life is within reach.  That this life is, right now.

Why here?  I’ve given up trying to understand the why.  When something feels good you just want more of it, am I right?  It could be a person, a hobbie, a smell, a beautiful site, and perhaps even a place.  A relationship with a place.  It is possible.  Anything that makes you feel good, that allows you to live in your element, that sparks your imagination, brings your soul to life – that is a calling.  A calling to nourish that relationship.   To continue bringing out those child-like qualities in yourself that makes you not only want to smile and genuinely  express the word, ‘wow’, but to feel wow-ed.  To live in a constant state of wow. This graceful,  blissful, inspiring space of ‘wow’.  To strive to live as much as possible from this place.  Inside of yourself, is where this place thrives.

I once had a Nursing instructor tell me that ‘life is all about relationships’.  I think I’m finally beginning to understand this.  Relationships with people is all I used to imagine.  But.  A relationship can exist with anything and everything we are connected to.  Beginning with ourselves.  Our passions.  Our callings that make us feel alive.  Listen to what is calling you.  Then nourish it.  To ignore this inner calling would be a waste.  A waste of potential and purpose.  Follow this inner calling.  It will lead you to gracefully unfold the unimaginable.  To live a life so deep, so full of love, that you will be pinching yourself in every moment.  Is this for real?  Yes.  Yes it is.  And it’s a gift for you to enjoy.  To expand.  To grow.  To share.  To nourish.

Smile with your heart.

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  1. Jenn you’re soooooo inspirational (yet so real)!! Thank you Jenn for being so amazing and sharing your thoughts and experiences!! I look forward to your posts, of course, but seriously Jenn write a book because not only do you have a lot to say…you have SO MUCH WORTH LISTENING TO/ READING ABOUT! <3
    p.s. Vancouver island rocks my socks too!! (my home) <3

  2. You are an amazing person…and a part of my life ( a total stranger ). I relate to your feeling of joy, things that inspire, finding the ultimate joy in mountains and trails. It’s nice to know that I am not alone in feeling great love for life and wanting to grab it by the toes and yell for joy!!

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