Day 20 – Find a passion and pursue it.

This is what I’ve been doing lately.  Pursuing my passion.  Wilderness/Emergency/Remote Medicine (+ adventures of course).  And I can’t tell you how much life just seems to be flowing more smoothly.  How much deeper life seems to be, and how many more opportunities are presenting themselves to me.  Ever since I chose a direction.  Ever since I buckled down, chose something and decided to invest myself completely in it.   It all became more clear when I wrote down “WHAT I WANT”.

I feel as though I’m being slung out of a slingshot.  With that much momentum.  All of the things I’ve been doing up until now seem to have been helping propel myself all along.  At the time; however, this was not at all obvious.   I have had countless moments of “what the heck am I doing?  Trying something new, again?  Why can’t I just pick something!  I’m going back to school again?  When am I ever going to find a career that I love?”  I felt all too often as though I was floundering for a focal point: lifeguarding, kinesiology, nursing, lululemon, hippie traveller, adventurer, my love for the outdoors, and yoga.  But….

Pant leg, rope, ski poles, metal splints and of course.. Bright pink duct tape!

Splint for a tib/fib fracture

Making a litter carry out of jackets and branches!

All along, I was aware of the voice in the back of my head.  The voice that would so often be-little me.  Make me question my choices.  My so-called rational side.  The side that was scared.  The ego.  My fearful ego.  Trying to convince me that it wasn’t okay to continue trying.  Continue trying different things until the puzzle pieces fit.  Boy am I glad that I didn’t let this take over.  That I instead, followed my heart.  Followed my heart which was guiding me to continue doing what I love.  Even though it didn’t make any logical sense, to not only everyone around me, but to myself as well.  It was a step.  A slightly tighter pull back in the sling shot.  An accumulation of tools in the toolbelt.  Another piece of the puzzle.  To propel me forward in the direction of what I now know I need.  Of what I now know that I’m best at.  Of what I love the most.

It hit me only recently.  These courses.  These Wilderness Medicine courses.  I’m all of a sudden combining all of my skills.  The puzzle pieces that felt like they all belonged to different and random puzzles, are magically coming together and creating the most beautiful and unique mosaic.  A mosaic that would only best serve me.  No one else.  Unique to my passions.  My drive.  My love of life.  My emergency response skills from lifeguarding, my rehabilitation and sport injury management from kinesiology, goal and lifestyle coaching from lululemon and my knowledge and practical skills from nursing.  All in one.  With the solidifying balance of running, adventures, travel and yoga.

Making sure it works upside down - haha

If you can relate to me, and at times feel as though you’re floundering to find a direction – continue on.  Keep following that gut feeling of yours.  Keep pursuing your passion.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  From the outside, it may look like you are lost.  But in reality?  You are gathering your tools.  You are building the strength you need.  You are gathering everything you need for your slingshot.

And make sure you are ready.  Because when that thing lets loose?  Get ready for some out of this world goosebumps.  Nothing can stop you.  Nothing can stop you when you add passion into everything you love. Absolutely nothing.

Yep, it works!!

Not all those who wander are lost.Tolkien

Smile with your heart!

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  1. So true!!!! Thank you for your inspiration, as always! I am happy for you in finding your passion! It’s such a great feeling when the “wandering” just clicks one day. :)

  2. They say “do what you love and the rest will follow” – it’s so true!! Glad to hear that things are going well and that you’ve found your calling :) Sounds like a pretty awesome job, I didn’t even know it existed!

  3. This is SUCH a great post!!! (They all are of course but I loved this one especially)- Keep it up and thanks for inspiring I SO NEEDED this today!!

  4. JT,
    I happen to stumble upon your site, bookmarked it but haven’t really sat down to read your posts. Until recently, I opened your page and began to read. While I read I cried, cried hard. I am lost and reading your blog gives me hope to continue on an uncertain path. I keep thinking what am I going to do? I just finished going to school for my LPN and have failed the boards twice. I question whether or not this is what I am supposed to do.
    Anyway I want to thank you for having this website, I am sure that it will help me.
    You’re amazing!


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