Day 12 – My Meditation

What exactly is ‘meditation’?  When I think of meditation, the first thing that comes to mind is this: Stillness. Focus. Calmness. Breath. A peaceful, inner smile. My body thanking me for tapping in. For taking the time to listen, and say hello.  

My meditation is this.  This picture.  This is what meditation is to me.  Surrounding myself with nature, allowing myself to become in a sort of trance-like state.  Where minutes go by that seem like seconds. The sound of snowshoes under my feet on a blue bird powder day; sweatily trudging up a mountain bearing the weight of my pack which carries my basic survival needs for the night; waking up in a tent sharing the same view as the eagle in the tree above me; skiing down a mountain with my arms stretched out wide, smiling ear to ear; running on a rainy Sunday morning around the seawall to the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement.  This is my meditation.  My zen.  My bliss.

During my run this morning, there was a moment that passed where I forgot I was running.  Just like when you’re driving, and you wonder where the past few minutes have gone?  You realize you have arrived at your destination, without recognizing how you really got there?  Kind of scary in a sense.  But kind of surreal at the same time.   Becoming so much with the moment that you lose track of time.  It just feels that good.  That easy.  That right.  THIS is meditation.  To me anyways.  Getting so caught in the  moment that something else seems to take over.  Perhaps my subconscious.  Perhaps my inner self saying hello. Whatever it is, it feels good.

I’ve yet to master the pillow version of meditation.  I’m working on it.  But 5 minutes sitting  up straight with my eyes closed focusing on my breath can be hard.  I’m trying. I’m practicing.  I know it will become easier.  5 minutes will become 10, which will become 20, and so on.  I’m working on it.  All I know is that when I DO discipline myself to sit and focus on my breath, something does take over.  And it feels good.  I haven’t yet mastered the time flying by feeling, but whatever happens during those moments feels right.  So I will continue to practice…  

Why I’m writing tonight is this: meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be done by the book.  Don’t look to your left or to your right to see what other people are doing. Rather?  If skiing down a mountain makes you feel good?  Do that.  If painting a picture makes you lose track of time with endless feelings of joy?  Do that.

Meditation.  Create your own version. Whatever makes you become one with the moment.  Which makes everything else fade away.  Which connects you to your inner self. To your source.  Continue doing that. There’s something special in that moment.  That only you can explain and that only you can feel.  So feel it.  Put yourself in those situations that bring this out in yourself.  That enable you to experience endless amounts of joy.  Stillness.  Focus.  Calmness.  Breath.  A peaceful, inner smile. Your body thanking you for tapping in.  For taking the time to listen, and say hello.  This is your meditation.

Smile with your heart

P.S. Check out this video created by Tiny Devotions: $h!t Meditators Say…really funny!  And while you’re at it, check out $h!t Yogis Say by lululemon.  Guaranteed a chuckle or two. :)

AND… a great app to help people (like myself) who have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time?  It’s called “Meditator”.  I love it.

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  1. the stillness and serenity of of nature takes your breath away for while but the concious belly breathing brings you into harmony ,namaste jt

  2. ahhhhh! che bello! i miss u jen! i remember what an amazing feeling it was going through the hills with u on snowshoes!!! ahhhh beautiful b.c.! i luv this there is energy here that is sacred! it has to do with trees and in the cooing silence natures response, sounds created by movement!
    thanks for this energy this morning! i felt really good reading this blog!

    LUV U!


  3. great post jenn! i’m slowly getting better at meditating while running…i will continue to practice.

    i have followed your blog for quite some time now (i’ve been working for lululemon for the past two years) and wanted to post a video that my new store in SLC made about BHAGS. I thought you would enjoy it and get inspired. <3

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