Day 10 – Turn off the lights!

Meet Eric.  The guy in the middle of all of the Canadians.  This guy is on a mission to ‘Save the Poles’.  In one year, that’s 365 days, he travelled to the North Pole, the South Pole and the top of Mt. Everest.  The top, bottom and roof of the world.  All in ONE YEAR.  How cool is that.  A 750 mile ski-traverse to the geographic South, followed 2 months later by a 51 day expedition to the North Pole and to top it off he summited Mt. Everest shortly after that.  Why?  Well, passion is an understatement for this guy.  He loves this stuff.  His presentation was edge-of-your-seat interesting and gut-wrenchingly funny.  But ultimately?  His passion is to help bring about awareness that we need to start doing something different.

He mentioned to us that he probably only has a few more years of exploring the top and bottom of the world, as it’s becoming too dangerous to traverse.  It’s MELTING. That fast.  (Something funny to visualize: if you want to know what it’s like to traverse the arctic for 51 days?  Fill your bathtub with ice, place a white piece of paper in front of you and stare at it for 14 hours straight.  This guy was funny!).  But.  Back to the melting.  It’s happening FAST.  Too fast.  So me, being the curious person that I am asked: “So what’s ONE thing that we can do to make a difference?”  The answer?  Turn of the lights.  So simple.  It’s just one small change, but if all of us made a conscious effort to do this, perhaps we wouldn’t be causing so much damage.  And perhaps it would help us start the day off with the mindset that ‘I am doing something different’.  Let the ripple effect begin.

I was inspired to write about this today because you’ll never guess who I saw walking down my street as I walked out the door of my apartment this morning: David Suzuki.  It’s the second time I’ve seen him in a few weeks.  A reminder perhaps.  To make small changes.  To stop doing so much.  To stop wasting so much.  To start making a difference. Which leads me to ask….

How is the Bring Your Damn Cup campaign going for you??!  I know I’ve used two paper cups since July.  And I was so embarrassed to be holding those 2 cups in case anyone saw me!   If you haven’t yet read the campaign we’ve created, give it a quick read.  And then ditch those paper cups.  So far, we have 105 people on board from all over the world.  If you want to be a part of it, write your name below and I’ll add it to the list.  No paper cups for ONE YEAR!  (Try your best at least).  Just bring your damn cup already.  Soon, it will become a friendly habit.  I promise.

Make one small change already!  Turn off the lights, and BRING YOUR DAMN CUP!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Add my name please! I’m signing up for sure!!!!
    Thanks JT, Namaste. Wishing you love and light :)

  2. Oh, forgot my last name.

  3. Don’t feel bad about your two paper cups. A couple years ago I was catching a flight in Ottawa and I forgot my mug. Timmies double cupped my tea and while I was sitting at the gate waiting, David Suzuki walks up and sits across from me!!!!!! I could feel his eyes burning little holes in my paper cups – possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life, my family still gets a good laugh out of it. And every time I try to leave the house without my mug my boyfriend says something along the lines of “I don’t know Diana, are you sure you’re not going to run into David Suzuki today?”

  4. I will join the bring your own cup team;) Great idea! natalie

  5. I read you’re Bring your Damn Cup campaign a over a month ago and haven’t used one since. I’ve been meaning to sign up! Love your blog. Heather

  6. Awesome!!! Thanks for joining guys!!!

  7. p.s. Spread the word :) !!

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