Day 9 – Catching my breath!

I’m back!  Wow, what an amazing trip.  An adventure of a lifetime.  Incredible people. Belly laughs galore.  A brain full of new information, mushy at the moment, but completely inspired.  Check marks off the bucket list, and new adventures added.  A fueled and ignited passion.  Awe struck. Just amazing.  I can’t even put it into words right now.  I’ll write more over the next few days once this brain has a chance to settle (and the liver has a chance to recover – oops!). Beer labs yet again.  Work hard to play hard, right?!   I love these conferences.  Addicted! I’ll definitely be sharing some things we learned, and some inspirations I picked up along the way – so many it’s overwhelming!  Until then..

Smile with your heart!

P.s. Have you checked out lately?  You might recognize the smiley face :)

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  1. glad ur back jt!! lots fun ,inspirations ,telemarking in the steeps must been a blast ,like 2 hear more ,namaste

  2. yeah! can’t wait to hear more :-) miss you! ps.great lululemon pics!!

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