“If” for Daughters

I had to share a poem which was on the birthday card my dad gave to me.

If you find happiness in simple pleasures

And see the rainbow, not the falling rain.

If you have faith to keep right on believing in miracles,

that no one can explain…

If you look until you see the good in others

And keep your spirit honest, true, and free,

Then you’ll be not just happy and successful,

But the woman only you were meant to be.

– Emily Matthews

Thank you dad.  I think you know me pretty well. :)  I love you.

Smile with your heart.

My sister made me this quilt...amazing! THANK YOU!!

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  1. beautiful jt !!!great karma you inherited from your dad.namaste!!!

  2. beautiful ! I am sharing this poem to my my girls on fb…thank you so much for sharing this with us xoxo

  3. so nice! where did you go for dins with your family? Lupo??

  4. I also shared this with special group of women hoping that they felt the same thing I did when I read it.
    Thank you for sharing and paying it forward!

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