In someone else’s shoes

Do you ever wonder what color the grass is on the other side?  It sure looks perfect from where you’re standing.  Doesn’t it?  It always does.  But have you ever actually gone over and seen it for yourself?  Tried it out a little?  Stuck out your big toe to give it a little graze?  Well, if not, here’s some steps to help get you started:

Step 1: Smile, because your life is pretty darn awesome.

Step 2: Snuggle your feet into the boots of someone else.

Step 3: Laugh a little for actually going through with it.

Step 4: Try it out.  Their life.  Their story.  Their shoes.

Step 5: With every awkward turn, smile – because you’ll realize even more that your life is pretty darn awesome.

Step 6: Learn something new.  Maybe even gain a bruise or too.

Step 7: Give yourself a pat on the back for trying this awkward something that is so unfamiliar and new.

Step 8: Laugh with yourself for being humbled.  Your own shoes are actually pretty comfy.

Step 9: Realize, even MORE! how awesome your life is: because of the people that are in it and the experiences you get to have, wearing your perfectly awesome – unique to YOU –shoes.

Your life is awesome.  Choose to see it this way, and you’ll agree.  Need I say more?

Smile with your heart!

(P.S. Step 10: Most importantly, always come prepared!)

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  1. Oh what? So i’ve landed the Smilewithyourheart photo account?? Haha! Nice! Can’t wait to get started!! =)
    We’re hiking Feb. 14,15,16th. I’m gonna see gosia this week to get the deets.

    Ciao for now

  2. Yippee! This made me smile. Hmmmm, I know you snowshoe and snowboard, so what did you learn here – skiing, or cross country perhaps? Ahhhh, learning something new is always good for the soul.

    Glad to see you’re smiling too ;)


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