My rubber arm

Life has been a whole lot better ever since I started letting my rubber arm run the show a little bit more.  A spontaneous Canucks game the other night turning into a ‘just one more drink!’, oh man it’s 3am already – how’d that happen? – oops – to a blue bird sky and pow pow galore day at Mt. Baker tomorrow?  How could I say no to that!  Instead of worrying about how I’m going to get all my workouts in, sleep a certain amount of hours per night, or always thinking about my waistline, I’m having a whole lot more fun saying yes.  It’s funny, because even though I seem to be saying yes a lot more lately, I feel more fit and healthier compared to when I’m so strict with myself.  It’s as though I’m more balanced.  And my body seems to like it. Sure I’ve been indulging at times , but that just makes my yoga classes and 20km runs all the more worth it.  A balance.  AND, the abs have been getting their fair share of workouts from laughing my ass off.  Maybe this is the balance.  The 80/20 balance.  Maybe that’s what I’m learning.  Who knows.  Whatever it is, it’s working.  I’m feeling good.

Life is too short to be serious.  Have some fun already.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. you have such an awesome life!!

  2. This makes me go Yessssss!!! Both for you and for me . You Do have an awesome life : )

  3. Yah! So glad you are having fun and letting go:) Seems to be the key. That was my newest item that came up into my awareness after being sidelined from running and working out due to a bad fall on the ice (i get quite down when i can’t work out) so due to this injury so much came up in to my awareness in my meditations and i learned a ton about myself! Score. And when i finally really got it. “Stop being frustrated and be more curious about why your body isn’t healing” then BAM overnight the pain subsided and i was able to rock out an easy 5km run Tue (didnt want to push it). I also learned that i need to be more spontaneous and stop being so rigid as well in my “schedule” i am anal about my sleep, my workouts, what i eat etc and it’s hard and not as fun being so strict on yourself. It is all about balance:) So thank you for this. I am so happy you are letting go and letting loose too! Keep rocking on!!

  4. Wow! You’ve inspired me. I am a slave to my schedule and rarely miss a workout, but I’m so envius of the other half. Your post has inspired me to at least try to say yes more often. Thanks!!!

  5. YES! me too! i think your so amazing! holy ! yoga and 20 km. u inspire me jen! i luv u for u! ur amazing! a big big hug!

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