It worked

I took my own advice with me to work today.  My goal: to make sure every person I met had a better day because they saw me.  I’m positive that I didn’t make every person feel better; however, finishing my shift with a two-thumbs up, combined with a beaming smile from one of my non-verbal patients,  a bunch of “awesome“!’s from a seventy year old, along with a “you’re one hell of a nurse!” – made me feel pretty darn good.  So maybe I didn’t end up making everyone smile, but what I gained from trying was priceless.  I left my shift with exhausted feet and a fuzzy brain, but most importantly I left feeling good.  I made a difference today.  A difference that left me feeling better than how I started.  A difference that will propel into my tomorrow, and the tomorrow’s after that.

The ripple effect.  It starts with a goal and it starts with you.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. For some reason ? your emailed blogs are not coming through. When I open email I see your blog for a second and then it goes blank. I went directly to website to see this and prior posts. Just wondering if anyone else is having same problem? I love your blogs!

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