At you, or from you.

Is life coming at you?  Are you a victim?  Or is life coming from you.  Are you creating.

Happy Birthday to my big sis :)

We decide how we choose to react.  Those problems?  That annoying slump you just can’t seem to shake off?  They are opportunities.  Opportunities for us to learn.  They are teachers.  A lesson needs to be learned.  What lesson might that be?  I’m not sure.  Just as the lesson I’m learning from my broken phone (once again) and my all of a sudden broken truck (I have no idea what’s going on with that one).  Either way, I can choose to be pissed off, frustrated and grumpy.  Or.  I can seek to learn.  Seek to understand.  I can create something from this opportunity.  I can change my thoughts and begin to once again, manifest.  What do I really want?  A kickass adventure of a life!  Duh!

Ever since I’ve decided to kick this slump in it’s ass, things seem to be a whole lot clearer. If you’ve been going through something similar, I completely recommend it.  Just tell it to screw off, you’ve had enough.  Get angry with it.  Put some of that passion into telling it to  $*&% off.  Then, open your eyes and see everything that is around you.  As an opportunity.  As an opportunity to create and live the best life imaginable.  Sounds much better, doesn’t it.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Again – Thank you SO much for sharing true, raw, honest emotions & experiences with us.

    Now I’m off to go find the lesson in this current frustrating situation. :)

  2. Love this. I had a major funk moment Sunday and was so down it wasn’t fit. A visit with my dad, who happens to be my life coach and through a guided meditation i was able to figure out the root of the problem…felt much better after and the dark cloud lifted. I tried to meditate and figure out what it was but as is true to my nature i went in after it and didn’t let it come to me. It actually said DISTANCE…ha ha like back up and i will tell you whats wrong. So crazy! I was scared since i have battled with anxiety and depression in the past and it was an all too familiar feeling on Sunday. Thank goodness i had the help of my Dad to get me out of it and to the root:) Funk’s suck but at the same time it’s good to cry and feel them and let yourself as it helps you move on from it as you release it. I hope your funk clears soon!

    Also i have signed up for myyogaonline and i am on month two and have been doing a lot of the Semperviva classes. Amazing! Love the teachers:) I did Yin yoga for the upper body last night with Bernie. BLISS. Just what my body needed.

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