Wake the $*&% up!

Stop sleep walking your way through life.  THIS is your alarm.  This blog post.  Encouraging you to WAKE UP already!

I’m tired of feeling uninspired.  I’m tired of this slump.  I’m tired of feeling tired.  It’s time for me to wake the $*&% up already!  So here goes….New vision board.  New goals.

Manifest.  Manifest.  Manifest…. Create.

Great thoughts becoming great things.

Dreams becoming reality.

Smile with your heart.

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  1. my friend laine (who’s studying bio-energy healing) told me the other day: “everything is energy, t. whatever you focus on expands. if things are showing up in your life that you don’t want, it’s because you haven’t been CLEAR on what you want.” food for thought for me. :)
    gnite, so nice practicing yoga with you ce soir! xo

  2. I’ve been reading your blog since I saw your video with Tiny Devotions about vision boards, and I have to pop in and say thanks for this post! I need a fresh vision board and renewed energy too. I have so many things I’m aiming to accomplish this year and they all require hard work and some serious manifesting. And a lot of energy, which I tend to lack. This post is inspiring– thank you!

  3. We all need to re-engage now and again, glad you’re taking the time to reframe and refocus and wake up! I miss you and your smile :)

  4. Thank you for this post! I needed it!! :-)

  5. Wow, so simple and so great! thx Jenn, I just needed some kick in the … :D Take risks and live life fully, hugs

  6. You know what??? I’m leaving you for this rich older woman, who’s gonna pay all my bills and take care of me. I’m just going sit on her sofa and watch cable tv. Lol.

    P.s I’ve been awake since November, and it looks like you’ve been awake since you started this blog. =)

    I’m on to vision board # 2 today as well. Last one worked pretty well.

    Happy girls are the prettiest. – Audrey Hepburn

    • Snoop! Snoop-a loop!!! Bring your green hat!!! Thanks coach… number 2 hey?? Nice job! I need some photography lessons!!! See you soon.. maybe climbing a mountain with the bby crew?? :)

      • We’re going up the quad and into the gymnasium !!. Yes, I’ll be climbing with Bby Crew in February, and you better be attending.

        I’d be happy to edit Any and All of your photos! I’m getting better by the day. Just email them to me.

        You can pay me in hugs.

      • Done! And Done! hahahaha… SNOOP-A-LOOP!!! Let me know when you guys go! :)

  7. Hi! is this at deep cove? My friend and I were wanting to go here haha but weren’t too sure how :p

    it’s beautifulllll!

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