Day 35 – Be. Who. You. Are.

“Plant your hands like you mean it.  None of this dangling business.  Plant them. Root them to the earth.  Like you mean it. Connect.  With everything you have”.  This was how class started last week.  My favourite class.  And I can tell you that my foreward folds (how inflexible they might be) have never been the same.  They have never felt so connected.  They have never had so much intention – no matter what that intention might be, for that specific class,  whatever I choose it to be, it feels strong.  For that hour and a half.  Every time my hands are on the earth.  They are strong.  There is a knowing sense of belief.

Believe.  This is the intention I set for my yoga practice tonight.  Our adventure didn’t work out as planned today, so instead, I took this opportunity to attend my favourite class.  “Starting the class in child’s pose, I want you to root your forehead down firmly with an intention.  Like you mean it with everything you have”. Believe. This was my mantra linked with breath throughout the entire class.  I felt connected.  Some sort of energy evolves when I’m in this space.  Creative, magical, powerful energy.  When I allow myself to believe.  With intention.  To be fully grounded, present, and in this space.  Real.  Empowering.  In a blissful state of ‘anything is possible’.

I have big plans for myself.  My list.  Of what I want.  I KNOW with everything inside of me that this is my route.  My niche.  My bliss.  I’ve never felt so connected to myself, yet at the same time so disconnected.  Frustrating in a sense.  Like I’ve bee pushing something away.  Hiding my true identity all along.  Maybe perhaps this is the loneliness I have been feeling lately? Either way, this raw-ness inside of myself is doing summersaults – literal heart flips – with the fact that it knows.  It can’t be pushed down any longer.  It is starting to feel free.  Why have I been so scared to let this shine? Maybe it’s because I didn’t really know.  I didn’t trust.  I didn’t fully believe that it was possible. That there was so much more.  Maybe I thought I had to fit in?  To do things the way they ‘should’ be done?  Who knows.  Whatever the case, it feels good to KNOW. To strive for being my own person.  No matter what that might look like.  I’m aiming to be honest with myself.  To be who I am.  Real and raw.

With this knowing, comes an overwhelming sense of excitement, but also – patience. Sometimes, when we want something, we have to wait.  The timing might just not be quite right.  Not right now.  But the important part – the most important part? Is that we allow ourselves to shine.  We be who we really are RIGHT NOW.  As much as we can be right now.  On that path of your bliss.  Your niche.  That we live doing what we love, knowing where we want to go and believing that we will have what we want – anything we truly want – when the timing is right.  And when it’s right?  It will all unfold magically.  There is no other way.  You have made it a part of you when you live and breathe this belief.

We had planned our snowboarding trip to Mt. Baker for over a month.  Trying to co-ordinate a bunch of nurses with random hours is harder than you think. We were pretty stoked.  Weather & Snow report? (Rain, but oh well)  Check.  Gear?  Check.  Van full? Check.  Okay, here we go.  Within 20 minutes to the hill (finally!), after weeks of planning, waking up E.A.R.L.Y, getting called into customs while crossing the border, coffee breaks, pee breaks, … we see the sign.  The MOUNTAIN CLOSED sign.  Really?  Are you kidding me?  Nope.  No snowboard trip today.  Oh well.  But do you think that stopped us?  Think again. Well, from strapping on our boots yes, but from a dance party in the rain?  From busting a gut laughing and making the most of our adventure?   We didn’t let this roadblock (literally) stop us. We were in good company, on an adventure and doing what we loved.  So what if we couldn’t snowboard today.  We made the most of it and had a blast while doing so.  Doing what we love.

Sometimes we will run into road blocks. Signs telling us that this route is closed…. for now.  It might be an obvious “no”, or else it might be that lingering feeling deep down in the pit of your stomach telling you that ‘something’s not quite right’.  All this really means is that the timing wasn’t right. Not right now anyways.  So stay focused. Continue believing and KNOW that it will unfold magically before you.  In the meantime?  DO WHAT YOU LOVE and spend your time with people you love.  That way, when things don’t go your way, you can laugh it off.  Maybe even have a dance party in the pouring rain.  I recommend it.

Be authentic.  Be who you truly are.

Choose what you want.

“Plant your hands like you mean it.  None of this dangling business.  Plant them.  Root them to the earth.  Like you mean it.  Connect.  With everything you have”.

Now bring this feeling with you.  With everything your heart can muster, believe it. Stay firm to this desire.  Stay rooted.  None of this wishy washy dangling, blowing in the wind business.  Set it forth.  With strength.  With passion and desire.  With everything you have. And believe.  Let magic do the rest.

So much better this way, isn’t it.

“In a world full of caterpillars, it takes balls to be a butterfly.  Be who you are.”      Lisa Petrucci

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Whoa lady!!! This post is EPIC <3 J'adore!

  2. OH thankyou jen! this post just lifted me into a butterfly moment! keep flying! i luv u!

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