Day 7 – Feeling empowered

Has there ever been a time where you’ve stopped yourself from doing something because you were afraid? Afraid to fail?  Afraid to make a mistake?  Many times in my life, I’ve second guessed an opportunity because I’ve been too afraid.  Common tricks my mind plays on me: What if I try and I suck?!!  What if I can’t do it?  What if I get laughed at?  What will people think?  What if, what if, what it??  Screw it.  Screw the what ifs.  That’s what I’m aiming for lately anyways, and it’s working pretty damn well.

I’ve always been afraid to drive to certain areas due to bad winter road conditions.  I’ve been told by enough people that chains are simple.  You just drive onto them.  Ya, whatever.  Simple for you maybe, but this is coming from someone who was found checking oil when my car was parked on a hill (thanks to the stranger who so kindly pointed it out, I definitely learned this is what not to do).  Well, Mandy and I decided to take it upon ourselves to try these chain contraptions out this past weekend. You just drive over them right?  Really, that’s it?  Yep – it really was that simple.  Yet it had been something that has stopped me from numerous adventures and road trips in the past.  Empowerment.  We sure felt good.

Another one for me – IV’s.  New to nursing, IV’s have been a scary thing.  Well, that is until I changed my attitude.  “Good luck trying to get that in there honey, the last time they had to poke me 7 times” said one of my patients one night.  7 times eh?  Oh yeah?  Watch this lady – Done.  How?  I’m sure a lot of it was luck, but I tried.  I didn’t let this little lady scare me by trying to instil fear into me.  Instead, I went in with confidence.  If I missed?  Oh well.  Better luck next time.  But I tried.  And that’s all we can really do, is try our best.  And because I tried?  I felt empowered.  It made me want to try harder.  To aim my impossible’s just a little bit higher.

Empowerment.  Perhaps the word “em-powered” originated from the word “emulate” – to imitate it, or to surpass.  Often to feel empowered, we have to fake it until we make it. We have to just go for it.  Screw the voice in your head that’s telling you otherwise.  Imitate the power you want to feel.  Start to feel how you will feel after you accomplish your so-called impossible.  Emulate it.  You don’t know what you can do until you try, right?  And when you go after it?  What an amazing feeling.  There’s nothing really quite like it.

“Most of the shadows of life are caused by standing in our own sunshine” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Step out of fears way.  Don’t let it cast a shadow upon your bright and colourful life filled with endless opportunity.  Try things that scare you.  Nothing is stopping you.  Emulate the power you wish to feel.  You have nothing to lose.

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Love this! It’s so true, sometimes we just need to try and see what happens. Your post totally inspired me to step up to the plate for my med school finals. :)

  2. Love this!! You never know until you try. …And totally random, I know you dont know me but i love following your blog and I was up in whistler this past weekend and stopped in at the lulu store and bought a couple things and thought of you and how inspiring you are. :)

  3. So true, and very timely for me personally as I tackle a new goal I set for myself. Glad you are back and feeling so good! By the way, do you have a list somewhere on the blog of your favorite inspirational books? I’m always looking for recommendations. Thanks!

  4. This one is SOOOOOOO me! I’m afraid to try new things around those who are already good at them. It’s even kept me from doing social things that should be FUN! Like this weekend I have a XMas party to go to where there will be lots of silly games. I’m finding myself nervous about going. The host of the party, although a good friend of mine, is one of those types of people who finds nothing more amusing that pointing out and laughing at someone else’s goof up, or mistake, or inexperience. If I do something silly at the party, or really suck at a particular game, he’ll point and laugh, I just know he will!
    Why should that make me nervous? You’re right, Screw It. He’s a friend! He’s only laughing “AT” me if I’m not laughing too. If I learn to laugh at myself, then I did something silly that made everyone else laugh. That’s a GOOD thing right?
    Love this post. Reminding me to laugh at my own naivety, inexperience, or ignorance, and learn from it.

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