Day 4 – Oh wow… Oh wow… Oh wow…

These 2 words are powerful.  Simple, yes, but they offer so much strength.  What comes to mind when I hear these words?  Goosebumps.  Thrill.  Silence.  Excitement.  Curiosity.  An inner sense of feeling alive.  Wow.

These 2 words were said over and over again on our trip this past weekend to Elfin Lakes.  If I could have bottled up the feeling we had on our way up over the mountain tops, I could probably have sold it for some big bucks.  At one point, I looked over at Mandy, trying to explain the feeling that was pulsing through my veins – I was blabbering all these different things, but stuck for words at the same time.  She completely understood.  We could only think of one word.  “Euphoric”.  A natural high.  I seriously felt like I was on some sort of drug.  We both did.  We didn’t even have to say anything to each other that made sense.  It was impossible not to feel this way.  Epic.  Completely and utterly epic.  Unforgettable.

When I’m in a place like this, I feel so incredibly grateful.  I can’t get enough of it.  That high.  That euphoric high.  THAT is why I live.  To feel this way.  It makes me feel alive.  To a point that I can’t explain.  It can only be felt.  I crave for it.  This natural drug.   It’s as if something is literally pulsing through my veins.  Joy.  Maybe that’s it.  Overflowing joy.  The feeling of being completely alive – in the moment as much as is physically and energetically possible.  Drinking it all in.  Everything slows down.  You just feel overcome with… something.

This something, this magical and indescribable feeling, can be brought about differently for everyone.  For some, it might be wandering endlessly through an art museum, or creating a chefs masterpiece, or… The list goes on.  For me?  THIS.  These pictures.  They are all worth a thousand words.  Breathtaking.  Whatever your ‘something’ might be – whatever causes you to live in this euphoric sense of joy, of feeling alive – put yourself in it.  As much as, and as often as you can.  We were created for this.  THIS!  To feel ignited, alive, overflowing with an indescribable drug.  A natural high.

“Oh wow.  Oh wow.  Oh wow.”  These were my words over the past weekend, but they were also the last and final words of Steve Jobs.  Right before he passed.  These 2 words.  Over and over again.  Goosebumps.  Thrill.  Silence.  Excitement.  Curiosity.  What is next?  What could it be?  What would make someone say these words?  It must be amazing.

Whatever it is, you have the gift to say these words RIGHT NOW.  Don’t wait another moment.  Don’t wait to say these words until you only have a few more breaths left.  “Oh Wow”.  How often have you said these powerful words lately?  When was the last time?  It’s okay if it’s been a while.  Maybe reading this is a reminder, specifically for you.  A reason.  A reminder to feel alive.  It’s already in you – you just have to wake it up and let it come to life.

It’s being alive that makes you rich.

Smile with your heart

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  1. OMG Jen!!!!! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! I need to go there and experience this! Thank you so much for sharing :) xoxo

  2. AH!mazing … welcome back, Jen … we missed you, but so glad you listened to your heart and gave yourself some soul space to grow … it sure shows!

  3. Oh wow! Lol your post alone makes me utter these words. I actually said the yesterday afternoon as i was walking my dog on these rolling trail right beside what is known here on the east coast as the chocolate river (formerly the Petitcodiac river). The river alone is beautiful. Many think it’s gross and dirty…but all of the mud and the tides coming in on it is breath taking.The sun was beginning to set and it was so beautiful! I just had to stop and stare for a moment. I then started walking again and still staring. Ever since i started to meditate and be more present sun rises, all of them are even more beautiful to me. I love them. I love watching the sun rise too:) When i am out in nature walking or running i am constantly staring and taking in all the beauty. It amazes me everytime:)

    Looks like you had a great time snowshoeing! I can’t wait for it to snow so i can use mine for the first time!!!! I am going to have so much fun snowshoeing with my crazy hyper boxer:) She loves the snow.

  4. WOW!!! What a gorgeous planet we live on! Thank you for sharing your adventure!!!

  5. First off, good to have you back – your blog was greatly missed in my daily routine :)
    And secondly, I just wanted to mention how happy and natural your smile has been in the first posts from your return. Not that it wasn’t before don’t get me wrong! But you just seem to be… radiant. You’re glowing with serenity! There’s the word: serenity. I don’t know how else to say it – you seem contempt with life Jen. It’s beautiful!

  6. First words out of my mouth when I saw your pictures….Oh Wow!!!! Beautiful! and such a beautiful reminder of how lucky we are to have such an amazing planet!

  7. Love your posts! Any tips on that trip you just did to elfin lakes? Its on my to do list. Did you snow shoe in? Reserve it? Other people staying there?
    xo, Georgia Heraty

    • Hi Georgia! That’s awesome it’s on your list!! Tips? Lets see… Saturday night is the busiest, so you might not get a bed. I’d say try for Friday night or Sunday night, or any other weeknight for that matter. We snowshoed in. You have to have chains for a certain portion of the road heading up there in the winter. Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward! Just follow the winter markers (different from the summer trail), and your’e good to go!

  8. Absolutely stunning pics Jenn! Wow! I loooooove Elfin Lakes. Definitely want to do that one again.

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